An ambitious plan

I taught high school math for two years in Forsyth County and one year in Guilford. In Forsyth County I taught at a Title I school that mostly served black and Latinx students, and the magnitude of reform the education system demands should not be minimized.

As people weigh their options for Democratic presidential candidate, I would encourage them to consider voting for South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who wants to triple funding for Title I schools as part of his suite of education reforms. A child of two educators and husband of an educator, Pete realizes the importance of strong schooling to both individual success and the American economy broadly. His reforms would include developing rigorous teacher preparation academies; increasing the rate of student loan forgiveness for public service positions; and increasing teacher pay. He would also endeavor to increase the number of school leaders and teachers of color because research shows that students benefit greatly from seeing instructors who look like them.

I want to see an education system where teaching is an appealing and competitively compensated career, where schools receive robust funding and students receive excellent instruction regardless of their race or socioeconomic status. Pete Buttigieg has a thoughtful, thorough and ambitious plan that can be found online at that will prioritize young people and minority communities the way they deserve.

Please join me in voting for Pete Buttigieg on March 3.

Andrew Boudon


Proud of my choice

It’s not often you get the chance to meet and be on a first-name basis with the person who’s your voice in any form of government. If you’re lucky and get that chance, you understand the magnitude it holds and the solace it brings knowing that you are really being represented.

I met Kismet Loftin-Bell in 2019 at a program at Winston-Salem State University. She would be so bright and enthusiastic at 8 a.m. on a Saturday morning talking with parents on ways to help foster and excel their students’ learning journey.

When she announced she was running for Winston-Salem City Council, East Ward, I was elated. This was a person who not only held true to my beliefs in education, but who can also relate to the struggles of single motherhood, living in a ward that seems to not have the same development as other wards. She knew firsthand what it can take to get the East Ward back to a community that believes in building up its people to promote more thriving neighborhoods.

Her focus for our ward is not only on what she thinks is needed, but on requests from the residents themselves: an affordable living wage, housing, economic growth with better paying jobs coming to the area and viable transportation systems.

So when I think of Kismet Loftin-Bell as the East Ward city councilwoman, I feel proud in my choice, I feel understood and I feel as if my seat has just been pulled to the table.

Kendra Campbell


A strong contribution

Amber Baker, former principal at Kimberley Park Elementary School for 12 years, is the perfect candidate to represent us in Raleigh from N.C. House District 72. (Anyone who thinks that being a school principal doesn’t require political savvy hasn’t been to a PTA meeting.)

Most people probably don’t know that Mayor Allen Joines proclaimed June 16, 2018, to be Dr. Amber Baker Day. As Mayor Joines put it, “Dr. Amber Baker’s strong contribution to Winston-Salem has richly influenced the lives of youth and adults. Today her achievements are recognized and celebrated. Her commitment to education and leadership continues to enrich all whom she encounters.”

Baker will bring that same commitment to our state legislature, and she’ll fight not just for better funding for our public schools, but also for important issues like Medicaid expansion and affordable housing. And just a reminder: This seat has been held by a Democrat for the last decade. Given the district’s partisan lean, whoever wins the primary most likely will win the election in November. I urge everyone in District 72 to vote for Amber Baker in the upcoming Democratic primary on March 3. We need her in Raleigh!

John Brockenbrough


Election letter deadline

The deadline for letters about the March 3 primary election was Monday.

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