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Leadership void

I assume that the June 26 letter “Some kind of treaty” was tongue-in-cheek regarding the writer’s wish that we had a treaty with Iran regarding nuclear nonproliferation, which certainly makes sense.

I hope everyone recalls that we had such an arrangement that was cancelled with regard to our country’s participation by President Trump in spite of being advised that would be a bad move. This is another example of the tremendous void of leadership common sense that we have experienced during his term of office. He”stoked the fires for this to happen. While Iran is not without fault for its inappropriate past acts, its response to his actions was in large part predictable.

Mr. “Only I Can Fix It” is taking our country down the tubes with his daily tweeting, boorish behavior, environmental ignorance, horrible leadership selection skills, lack of intellectual curiosity, racist actions, etc. With hope, this national and international nightmare that has been visited upon us will end by fall 2020 if not sooner so that we can restore some sense of normalcy and pride in our country and leadership.

Would any Fortune 500 companies out there take him as their CEO (possibly some of his very supporters for the tax reform gift)? I think not!

Harold R. Holmes



This is in response to Earl Crow’s June 22 column “The battles in the Old Testament,” attempting to answer the question of why there are so many battles in the Old Testament.

His first point was that the Old Testament takes place in a time of cultural differences between neighboring peoples. Multi-god believers were “encouraged” to accept the one god and if they declined they were defeated in battle.

The battle of Jericho occurred because the Israelites invaded Canaan to expand their territory. One may substitute “Germans” for “Israelites” and “Poland” for “Canaan.” When the Israelites finally captured Jericho they killed every man, woman, child and animal. With that kind of “encouragement,” it’s no wonder the multi-god peoples had no interest in the Israelite god.

The second point of the article was that God’s followers had to accept responsibility for their bad behavior. This caused God’s people to suffer for their sins and ends with the death of God’s son.

Wouldn’t you think a loving God could just say to his followers: “Your sins are forgiven …and don’t do it again!”

Robert Kendall


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