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Since Lewisville was incorporated in 1991, the town councils have followed a plan that ensures that we do not lose the small-town atmosphere that makes us a place where people want to live. Our election this year has only one remaining council member up for election, so it is important that this tradition continue for the future and to ensure it, I am encouraging our residents to vote for Jane Welch and Ken Sadler.

As former mayor of Lewisville, I have had the pleasure of working with both of them and know they are part of the reason Lewisville is what it is today. There appears to be a lot of good candidates this year, so we all need to get out and vote, knowing that with a mix of veterans and new members, Lewisville will continue to be great.

Again, please vote for Jane and Ken.

Bob Stebbins


Unity and unanimity

The campaign literature of our Rural Hall candidates for office makes it clear that some of our simpler-minded officials don’t know the difference between “unity” and “unanimous.”

The Moravians have a saying: In the essentials unity, in the non-essentials liberty, in all else love. The essentials are God’s creation, redemption and blessings and human responses of faith, love and hope. Government falls in the non-essential area: liberty.

We live in a democracy based on majority rule. Once the vote is cast, the minority accepts the majority decision. But a count of the minority is important because it shapes the majority decision: the larger the minority, the more concessions from the decision. No one is 100% happy; no one is 100% disgruntled.

Unanimous votes are dangerous. If there is no minority, have all of the issues been examined? If someone changes his vote to make the decision unanimous, can he be trusted to represent those who elected him?

People who go along to get along either place their personal relationships above the people they serve or don’t grasp the best interests of those they represent. If there is no minority, how can the decision include anything for them? Unanimity forestalls compromise, instigates totalitarian rule and forces the minority into an angry, disruptive position.

Our Town Council needs to understand that in a democracy, the voters are their bosses and tell them the direction to take. Only in dictatorships are the roles reversed.

Dorothy Mathews

Rural Hall

An appropriate tale

Halloween is the apro-POE time to revisit “The Fall of the House of Usher,” in which a once-stable genius of great and unmatched talent devolves into madness in the belief that his house has a deep state of sentience intent on destroying his sanity.

Responding to the favor of a visit, the narrator is appalled to find his friend ranting incoherently about this supposed conspiracy.

Believing the fake news that his twin sister has succumbed, he impulsively buries her, only to be horrified and aghast that she would react violently to his lack of judgment. His eventual collapse is detailed graphically. Definitely a timely tale for this season.

Michael C. Rewald


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