A sad situation

I was saddened by the Oct. 2 story “ECU chancellor: Behavior ‘won’t happen again,’” which told about East Carolina University interim chancellor Dan Gerlach being placed on administrative leave. This happened after photos and videos of Gerlach drinking and dancing with students in near-campus bars were circulated.

It would have been one thing if Gerlach was rumored to be drunk or if he had advanced on students in an inappropriate way. But no one disputes his account that he happened to be in these bars with friends when students approached him to take selfies. He was just having harmless fun.

He apologized — “I made a mistake, chancellors are human beings and make mistakes.” Maybe he did make a mistake, but his instinct to be accessible to students was right. Students should know that their administrators are human and can circulate comfortably around them without causing a scandal.

I understand that some college administrators have taken advantage of their positions to do illicit things. They should be punished. But Gerlach is not among them. This should have never become an issue.

I’m glad to see that he’s been defended by students and others. I hope this incident will go into the rearview mirror and be forgotten.

I went to college in the old days when we could get a beer with our instructors after class and discuss things in a relaxed fashion. Some of the best learning occurred in such situations.

Oh, how times have changed.

Robert McGill


A costly president

The Center for American Progress Action Fund says that each of President Trump’s trips to Mar-a-Lago costs the America taxpayers approximately $3.6 million. His golf outings have cost us at least $105 million, according to a report from HuffPost. He plays golf at courses he owns, because he knows that a lot of the taxpayers’ money will go into his coffers.

Apparently there is no law against this, but there should be. We own Camp David, but he rarely goes there, probably because he doesn’t benefit financially by going there.

I think by now we all know that Trump is a racist and pathological liar.

I also recently read an article stating that Trump is the third worst president in our country’s history. My vote would be that he is the worst president in our country’s history.

And by the way, Trump is not a Republican. He is a Trumpican and there is no one on the planet except himself. He would throw anyone who disagreed with him under the bus, as we all have witnessed. He even fired FBI Director James Comey, who by his actions about 11 days before the election helped get Trump elected president.

I hope and pray that we get an adult in the White House in 2020.

Jerrell Gough


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