A frightening individual

As I write, it’s only Wednesday and this week our president has already backed off his promise to ensure more far-reaching background checks (“We already have very strong background checks”), he has canceled his trip to Denmark because the prime minister was “nasty” about his plan to buy Greenland, a great real estate deal, and he is unilaterally deciding that children can be kept indefinitely in caged enclosures, separated from their families. Oh, and did I mention that he says all Jews who vote for Democrats are disloyal to Israel and the Jewish people? I won’t refer to his plan to let Russia back into the G-7 right now, as I hope our allies can handle that.

We are living with a frightening individual as president for whom laws and basic human decency have no standing in his actions. Where is the Congress we elected to represent the people? We’re desperate.

Robyn Mixon


The majority

Mayor Allen Joines and the Winston-Salem City Council have no regard for the will of the majority of the people, since it seems a majority do not want to change the name of the Dixie Classic Fair (“Fair to get new name,” Aug. 20). They have no regard for the majority, therefore it seems as if the residents of Winston-Salem need to elect a new mayor and City Council on the next election cycle and maybe they will regard the majority of the voters.

Allen Grubbs

Rural Hall

Anticipate a future

As I read the Aug. 18 editorial “Another threat to our environment,” I was reminded that the “regulatory burden” is really like the “call before you dig” caution issued by our utilities. The Endangered Species Act requires thinking before acting. When we lose a species, we lose something that cannot be replaced. Species change, but evolution is a process, while extinction is a dead end. However, there is hope.

When this administration pulled out of the Paris climate change agreement, U.S. states and cities, and the rest of the world, continued to face the reality of climate change. The same will happen with the Endangered Species Act and other environmental regulations for clean air and water. Communities of faith will continue to care for creation because you cannot “do unto the least of these” if you do not care about the air they breathe, the water they drink, and the Earth our children will inherit.

The Endangered Species Act was passed in times as divisive as we have now. At the end of 1973 the Watergate scandal escalated, costing President Nixon his political support. On Aug. 9, 1974, he resigned in the face of oncoming impeachment and removal from office.

Now we have congressional deadlock. As we anticipate a future of electric, driver-less cars recharged by our home solar panels and the economic boom they would create, this administration is relying on a future with fossil fuels.

Think about it. What has happened to our country?

Henry Fansler


Refined method

When they are little, spoiled brats are known to hold their breath until they get their way. As they get older they realize that won’t work, so they refine their method a bit, i.e., “If you won’t play the game my way, I’m going to pick up all my marbles and go home.”

Today’s version is even more refined: “If you won’t sell me Greenland, I won’t visit your country!”

Nelson Weller


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