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Lately, President Trump has been accused of being a racist. I don’t think he is. Being a racist requires at least a child’s ability to think beyond oneself, an ability of which Trump is intellectually incapable.

He is, however, a user; and if racial slurs accomplish his ends, he is morally incapable of rising above their temptation. He simply used the ethnicity of the four congresswomen to stir up his white nationalist base.

He uses his daddy‘s money to pretend that he is successful. He uses the ability to con his base as evidence that he is clever. He uses women as decorations to assuage his own masculinity insecurities. No, Trump is not a racist. On his own merits, he is nothing.

J. Kevin Bokeno


Providing insurance

So many have defended the Obama administration for providing insurance to millions of Americans who did not have it. I for one was struggling and could not afford it at the time. My wife and I had to pay a penalty of $750 because we didn’t have insurance.

Thank you, President Trump, for getting the economy going and getting rid of the individual mandate. I can now afford insurance with my new job. God help us if “the Squad” is ever in charge and I have to pay for a New Green Deal.

I wish we could take care of the whole world.

Maybe we should make Mexico, Honduras and Ecuador the 51st, 52nd and 53rd states. Until then, my patience has run out reading about illegal immigrants murdering, raping and bringing drugs to my country. Guess who I’m voting for again in 2020.

Vern Sullivan


Trump says ...

President Trump has said the United States is:

  • A laughingstock
  • A foolish country
  • A stupid country
  • A dumb country
  • A third-world country

He’s said we’re not great; the country is going to hell; our military is going to hell; and nothing works here.

But we’re supposed to think that it’s members of “the Squad” who hate America because they criticize it.

Also, on July 20, Trump retweeted a message from Katie Hopkins, a British columnist who has been banned from traveling to South Africa because of her racism and meetings with neo-Nazis.

“New Campaign slogan for #2020? ‘Don’t love it? Leave it!’ Send her back is the new lock her up,” Hopkins said in the tweet.

I thought Trump disagreed with the chant. I guess it depends on what day of the week it is.

I generally think that if someone runs for political office in the U.S., it’s because they love the country and want to make it better. I don’t think Trump loves America, though; I think he loves himself.

Judy Rzucek


Brick and mortar

As more brick-and-mortar stores close (“Charming Charlie to close all stores by Aug. 31,” July 13), destructive weather conditions occur more frequently, and resulting power outages can last for days and weeks. The perfect storm is brewing. Has anyone developed a disaster plan for making online orders and securing deliveries when there is no power and no internet?

During one of our annual significant snow storms a few years ago, a family-owned restaurant near Peace Haven and Country Club roads opened its doors for lunch and served me and others who decided to venture out that day. With all of the food delivery apps on my mobile phone, there was not a single delivery restaurant open.

The foundation of our retail system is brick and mortar stores. We seem to have forgotten that with our purchasing habits.

Johnny Lancaster


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