Taking precautions

My wife and I live here in Winston-Salem. We are older and have underlying medical problems. We feel that if we contract the COVID-19 virus that it may well kill us.

The number of infected individuals has been going up steadily here in Forsyth County. We have been listening to the scientists closely. We have been staying at home and away from our family and friends. We wear masks when we venture out to mail a document or pick up a prescription through the drive through.

We have a treadmill in our basement that we use regularly. Last evening we decided to go out to the Muddy Creek Greenway, which is near our home. We took two of our dogs and put on our masks. We were excited about walking outside.

No one else on the trail, I mean no one, had on a mask. There were walkers, bicycle riders and roller skaters. All were happy and laughing but not social distancing. Again, not a single individual had on a mask. After a half mile we turned around, tried to stay away from everyone, and came home.

I had been excited about looking up all the greenways in the Winston-Salem area. There is no need for me to do this now. My wife and I are barred from the greenways. I wish that our neighbors would listen to the scientists, social distance, and wear masks. I imagine they have been listening to and watching our president instead.

Dr. Tad Lowdermilk



No matter what he does or says, President Trump cannot undermine or measure up to the legacies of Ronald Reagan, the Bushes, Bill Clinton or Barack Obama. These were men of courage. They met the threats to this country not as Republicans or Democrats but as presidents — presidents of all of the United States. They were men who stood face to face with situations that threatened all who lived within the borders of America. And they were not afraid to accept the responsibility to which they had been entrusted.

In the face of danger, they stood up, they stood strong and they led. They looked for solutions, knowing that they alone did not have all the answers to secure the country. Strength and integrity were virtues that defined and motivated them to greatness.

Weakness, fear and greed are poor characteristics of a great leader. Reagan, the Bushes, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama were men of sterner stuff.

If God blessed our country with them, then who cursed it with the present?

Ronnie Sockwell


Caring enough

To me, wearing a mask in public reflects both an acknowledgement and a statement:

1. I may possibly be, without even knowing it, carrying the COVID-19 virus.

2. In case I am, I care enough about others that I don’t want to risk infecting them.

Tom White


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