Stick with the same

In light of the results of the recent election in the United Kingdom, I expected to see a great number of Democrats point to the furthest left elements of Labour’s platform as the reason for the loss. I expected liberals and centrists to urge us not to turn to socialism, and to stick with the same liberal and centrist candidates that just lost a presidential election to a professional idiot who picked up politics as a hobby. I expected under-qualified op-ed writers to prop up those losers with hit pieces on any candidate who treats compromise as a tactic rather than the objective. I expected Joe Biden, Mayor Pete Buttigieg and every other moderate Democrat to continue to tell the working poor everything we can’t do, while letting the Republicans they supposedly want to defeat shred what little is left that we can do.

I was not surprised.

Democrats have spent these past few election cycles operating under the assumption that working-class people who built this country from the ground up were too uneducated, too ignorant and too fundamentally bigoted to be able to handle policies that make the necessary dramatic changes. Instead they insist on these long-winded, focus-tested coils that end up toothless and browbeaten on the Senate floor. Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s entire platform is “Whatever Bernie said, but worse.”

If the Democratic Party doesn’t get its act together and present us with a candidate worth voting for instead of insisting we just take what we’re given, they will have screwed us.

John Belmont


An impartial judgment

The Senate should look into the adjudicative facts and make an unbiased and impartial judgment of the merits of the articles of impeachment. Nevertheless, some senators have made known their conclusion before the adjudicative facts have been put before them. Such conduct unambiguously demonstrates a mockery of justice that portends the denial of the fundamental guarantee of fairness and infringement upon the spirit of our Constitution.

We the people understand the Senate cannot be a guarantor of infallibility. However, it can be a body that makes an unbiased and impartial judgment based on what the adjudicative facts conclusively demonstrate.

Minimally, the senators who have vacated their impartiality should remove themselves from the impeachment process and not hinder, interfere or vote. Else, the impeachment process will lead to a defective conclusion.

George Sage


The ‘governing authority’

Once again Cal Thomas’ lack of logic and gross hypocrisy is evident in his Dec. 30 column “Trump was the better choice.”

He tries to maintain that we “must submit to governing authorities” because that is what the Bible says. So, should the Founding Fathers have submitted to George III? Should the German people have submitted to Adolf Hitler? Should the North Korean people submit to Kim Jong Un?

I think not! So much for logic.

The hypocrisy is that he would, of course, be excoriating every policy of Hillary Clinton if she were the governing authority.

David Greenwood


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