Don’t need lectures

I’m getting a little tired of all this breathless moralizing from liberals about President Trump. I support the president because I respect the office and have respect for the president’s authority — that’s a conservative position. No, I don’t agree with everything that he does, but I still respect him.

The president is the one who sets foreign policy. If he says he wants Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden, he has the right to do so. It’s the job of the unelected, deep-state “career diplomats” to do what Trump says, not tell Trump what to say.

President Trump is saving us from being another European socialist state where Christianity is disrespected and you can’t say a word without being criticized. He’s been good for the economy and he’s finally doing something about illegal immigration, which has been ignored by both parties for decades. I sympathize with the Dreamers, but they shouldn’t have been allowed to grow up here in the first place. It’s not easy to fix such a deeply rooted problem; it’s going to cause some pain, and there’s no avoiding that no matter what we do. Trump is the only one who has the courage to actually do anything.

I grew up knowing the difference between right and wrong and I don’t need liberals lecturing me about it. If you don’t like the way things in this country are going, vote.

Kevin Fields


The Democratic candidates

The writer of the Nov. 6 letter “Suggesting an alternative” has urged readers who do not plan to vote for President Trump to explain why they support a particular Democratic presidential candidate. The writer explains Trump’s policy positions and the current state of our economy as the reasons why he supports Trump despite his character and many lies.

I will be voting for whomever the Democrats nominate because all of the candidates realize the threat and pledge to take positive action on climate change, sensible gun control, expanding health care and reducing the deficit that has ballooned after the Trump tax cuts. Additionally, they all understand the need to restore trust with our allies and won’t be asking foreign governments to do them a favor and look into debunked charges against a potential Republican challenger.

Margaret K. Leinbach


Promises broken

The writer of the Oct. 6 letter “Suggesting an alternative” says he doesn’t care that President Trump lies; he cares that Trump has done well on the issues the writer cares about.

But what makes him think Trump has done well on those issues? He’s not taking the word of a serial liar, is he?

Trump promised to give Americans “beautiful” health care plans. “We’re going to have insurance for everybody,” he said in 2017. Instead, the number of uninsured children has risen by 400,000 on his watch. His administration is currently in court trying to eliminate coverage for pre-existing conditions.

Trump promised repeatedly to close the carried-interest tax loophole that benefits rich people. He’s taken no action to do so — a fault that even the Fox Business Network has called him out on.

He promised to “drain the swamp,” but instead he’s filled government agencies with inexperienced, unqualified sycophants who have damaged their agencies.

He also promised to put America first, but near as I can tell, he’s putting Russia first.

And what about his biggest promise, to make America great again? The American populace is dangerously divided because Trump has politicized federal agencies and constantly bad-mouths and lies about his political opponents. We’re not great, we’re stressed.

No, he hasn’t done well; he’s done poorly and lied about it. So either that’s OK with his supporters or they’re too obtuse to realize the truth. Which is it?

Philip Bent


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