Devout people

It’s very generous of the writer of the March 18 letter “To bring healing” to share his faith and its benefits with your readers. I believe he sincerely wants to help people.

Of course, there are all kinds of Christians. I hope the letter writer is not like Paula White, the evangelical grifter and head of President Trump’s “Faith and Opportunity Initiative” who seems to be using her White House status to shill for money.

And I hope the letter writer understands that devout people of every religion — Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and many others — feel the same way about their beliefs that he feels about his, and for reasons that are just as justified.

Speaking for myself, I have found that Christianity leaves much to be desired. It is neither emotionally nor intellectually satisfying for me — nor for many others who have looked at it with sincerity and openness. Human beings are not all the same, and it would be very unrealistic to expect any one religion to satisfy everyone.

But I appreciate that he has his opinion, as do others, as does everyone. My thanks again to the writer for sharing his story.

James T. Fuller


All his promises

President Trump keeps all his promises! He repealed and replaced Obamacare with health care that is better and less expensive for all Americans. He made Mexico pay for a great border wall.

He made North Korea give up its nuclear weapons. He stopped Iran’s nuclear development and its support for terrorist organizations. He forced the Chinese to stop stealing U.S. technology.

He grew the economy with a GDP increase of 4% and decreased the national debt. He ended the unwinnable Middle East wars that President George W. Bush started. He brought the troops home.

He rebuilt America’s roads and bridges with an incredible infrastructure program. His incredible peace plan reconciled Palestinians and Israelis.

He reopened West Virginia’s coal mines. He released his tax returns for all to see after they were audited.

Mission accomplished! Hail to the chief! Our president has drained the swamp and made America great again despite the fact that everybody was picking on him most unfairly.

Now it’s time to lift the burdens of government from his able shoulders. Let’s give him more time between golf outings to visit his swamp-drainers in their respective prisons.

Larry Roth


The blame game

I just want to echo what Toronto basketball player Jeremy Lin, a California native of Taiwanese descent, tweeted about President Trump’s use of the term “Chinese virus” to describe coronavirus: “Is it that hard to use coronavirus or COVID-19? We playin the blame game in a crisis.”

I don’t know if Trump started using that term because he’s racist or if he just wanted to distract people from his failures in regard to handling the coronavirus, but either way, it’s wrong.

Even after learning that many Americans found his phrase to be offensive, he wouldn’t stop using it. He doesn’t care if it’s offensive or racist.

And I’m sorry, but Joe Fox News Watcher isn’t the best judge of whether a statement like that is racist — he doesn’t care, it’s not about him.

Is it really that hard to not be racist? Is it really such an imposition to be a decent person and use the neutral language that medical professionals are using? Apparently, for the president, it is.

Mary Linda Knox


A special day

President Trump declared March 15 to be a national day of prayer in response to coronavirus. How did that work out? Are we safe now?

I appreciate that on that special day of unity he still found time to criticize Democrats like former Vice President and future President Joe Biden and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. That’s what I call multi-tasking!

Alan Knott


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