What about women’s studies?

Superintendent Hairston’s recommendation to add four elective course studies in every high school — African American, Latin American, American Indian and Ethnic Literature — was commendable, prudent and comprehensive.

But the school board’s plan to make African American Studies a mandatory course in all high schools ignores her inclusive recommendations. One wonders, might it become “offered” as a mandatory course, replacing an elective option?

Another related issue deserves attention. Why does the school board, and other educational administrators (nationwide) ignore women’s studies as a mandatory, or at least, elective course? It is not obvious that, historically and contemporarily, the most ubiquitous “–ism” is sexism? E.g., consider the women’s suffrage movement in America. Women were arrested until they persisted, and men yielded to common sense and equity, enabling women to vote in 1920. Patriarchy (women being husbands’ property), chauvinism (sex-role stereotyping and attitude) and female oppression (systematically and legally) remain the norm in America, and internationally. As a grandfather with a delightful granddaughter, I’d like her to be taught about women’s studies in school.

Shall we continue to blithely neglect how girls are being sexualized in this country? Scan and study print and media ads: girls and women are relentlessly portrayed as seductive, shapely sex objects. Worse, our girls and women are sexually harassed and sexually assaulted incessantly. Research the term “femicide.”

Why shouldn’t sexism — like racism — be a top priority for courses? Why do we overlook this?

What do you say, school board?

Peter Venable



Hillary Clinton is not a talented politician. Her worse gaffe was to gift the word “deplorables” to the Trump campaign.

When she described Trump’s supporters as “deplorables,” no proof yet existed that Trump had committed a “deplorable” act, so to claim his supporters were deplorable was callous and unfair.

Well, shortly after Clinton’s gaffe, things began to change as, one by one, the political radar starting filling up with blips, proving that the large, orange UFO circling overhead was, in fact, real.

As a candidate, Donald Trump was heard on an “Access Hollywood” tape bragging about his celebrity status, claiming that he could grab women by the p----. Still a candidate, Trump mimicked, for laughs, the infirmity of a disabled journalist. He also claimed that Sen. John McCain, who was held in prison and tortured, was not a hero.

As president, Trump has ordered that children, some as young as 3, be separated from their parents at the Mexican-American border, and held in cages. Some of the children have not been reunited with their families.

Trump has asked Ukraine and China to help subvert the next election by investigating his potential opponent.

Recently, at a rally in Minneapolis, President Trump, yes, the president of the United States, said that when Joe Biden was vice-president, he would kiss President Barack Obama’s a--.

The “deplorable” has landed. I do not identify with or support a man who acts deplorably.

Gary Bolick


Speaking of history ...

President Trump justified abandoning our Kurdish allies by saying they didn’t help us in World War II at Normandy. This must reassure our German allies, because they absolutely were at Normandy. Wait ...

Dan Coulter


What does Trump know?

President Trump is sending the Kurds off the cliff. What does a five-time draft dodger know about the military? He is a disgrace. He has fired all the semi-competent advisers and is now with the B-team, which pretty much takes its lead from him. When he is tried for his crimes, and he will be, I suggest a jury of all Kurds.

For you folks who are still fighting the war against immigrants with Trump there is this: Everyone in North America is an immigrant. Even the Native Americans came across the land bridge from Asia about 25,000 years ago. So when you point a finger at immigrants just realize you have three fingers pointing back at you.

Trump needs to go and his supporters need to realize he is a Russian puppet and does not deserve their support.

John McKenzie

Pilot Mountain

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