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How to pay for new name?

Our city leaders have pre-ordained a name change is in the works for our fall fair, by publicly saying so on several occasions. The change is proposed to cost between $500,000 and $1 million, a somewhat huge addition to the city budget.

Given the shortfalls the budget has seen, property owners have seen a steady increase over the years by property tax increases. It would seem reasonable for one to assume we could count on our leaders to once again let property owners bear the burden on name-change costs.

Could we consider other alternatives? For example:

1) As of 2020, the ACC baseball tournament will no longer be held in Durham, with an estimated $9 million for the local economy. How about Winston-Salem?

2) A modest food-tax increase, thereby allowing unity for all the people, both living here and coming here, to fund any budget shortfall.

Just a thought; I am sure there are others.

Given past decisions by our city leaders, maybe they could use our help in further considerations.

Richard Hawley


Until the next time ...

The fair will get a new name. It probably will not be as unique a name, but the word “Dixie” will be eradicated.

Money will be spent to make the change to the new name. The hysteria will fade.

Now what? Will folks find another word or symbol that offends them, that reminds them that slavery once existed in this country.

What happened in the past cannot be eradicated.

Martha Rowe


Not great economy for all

Today’s political cartoon (May 8, depicting Democrats’ worries about a strong economy) got me thinking. I was puzzled, then frustrated, realizing I was staring at one of my pet peeves: a graphic misrepresentation of the state of our economy.

The method of measuring the true state of the economy needs to change. I know that good financial things are happening to the wealthiest and not so well for the majority of us.

How do I know this? Nurses are on strike while Big Pharma totals up profits in the billions; teachers are on wage strike while students are still getting murdered. Wages are moving slowly through the cement of company disinterest; tomato prices (salsa!) are skyrocketing as tariffs choke off goods and services. Look in your wallet, savings account (if any), investments? None of those, huh? Talk to your neighbors.

Now look, really look, at where the money is. Check out fancy houses, cars; what jewelry is being worn on fingers, wrists; sleek bodies and their lovely skin. Drive around; go ahead and take a look. It may depress you; it will certainly educate you. Take a rough guess at how many employees could be hired with one chief executive’s salary. Google it. You’ll be shocked, I promise.

Economic message: Level the playing field and all that it means. Decade after decade, promises have been made and not kept. As each decade passed, the haves and have-nots continue to grow further and further apart. It’s not healthy, The disparity eats at our very soul.

Lynn Fountain


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