It’s the economy

What? The stock market hit another high? The Nasdaq rose above 9,000 for the first time ever, according to the Dec. 27 Wall Street Journal. My retirement is looking better all the time.

I feel sorry for the liberals who thought we’d do better under Hillary Clinton. Really? Better than this? Like him or hate him, President Trump has done us right as far as the economy goes. I think I can stand a little tweeting.

“It’s the economy, stupid.” When the economy is strong, our paychecks are stronger, which means our standard of living is stronger. Which means that liberals can afford to donate more to Planned Parenthood and Sen. Bernie Sanders’ campaign. Though in all fairness, they ought to give Trump royalty payments, too.

See? Having a strong economy is not all bad.

Happy New Year, everyone; 2020 will be a good year in which to invest.

Kevin Fields


Yes, Virginia

I want to say thank you to the Journal for printing “Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus” every year near or on Christmas day. I am 71 and always read this and smile to myself.

I cut this out of the paper and always find someone who has never read this before in Boone and give it to them. Most of the time that person will either come back to me in person or email me thanking me for giving them the article. And sometimes the person will tell me they are passing it on to someone else.

There is so much in this essay and I hope you will continue to print it.

Diana Ward


Isn’t it about time?

Hey, I thought there was an army of prayer warriors who were supposed to keep President Trump from being impeached. Wasn’t God listening?

President Trump was impeached on Dec. 18. I never get tired of saying it.

And whatever happened to QAnon? Isn’t it about time Attorney General William Barr started rounding up Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barack and Michelle Obama, Sen. Mitt Romney and anyone else who ever said a cross word to Trump? Shouldn’t they all be in jail by now? Or do we have to wait for the John Durham report? That will be the final revelation, right?

Hillary Clinton must be a criminal mastermind to keep being cleared of charge after charge, even by the most conservative investigators.

Peter Ro


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