A treasure

The choreographed assault on President Trump continues.

President Trump has been labeled with many unflattering personality traits. Most of the labels failed to stick and are infrequently used. Most also have no truth in them.

The current charge his detractors are almost exclusively using is that the president is a liar (usually without being specific). I think he exaggerates, sometimes hugely, and probably lies like all elected leaders do. I really do not know what he has lied about. Nevertheless, I do not think the sum of the president’s so-called catalog of lies even approaches the magnitude of the one that went, ”If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.” That cunning lie was proudly proclaimed by a very different kind of president.

President Trump is a direct person, impatient with protocol and diplomacy. His Tourette’s-like behavior (without the cursing) has frustrated his detractors to no end but has otherwise stood him in good stead.

I love President Trump. He is this country’s champion. I absolutely trust him more than I trust anyone in D.C. His singular achievements in the face of venomous and persistent opposition are truly miraculous. He is a wonder! He is a warrior! And he is a treasure! He is all of these despite the machinations of those arrayed against him. I believe he is a gift the like of which may appear only once in a century.

President Trump must be defended and protected by all Americans.

Thomas Snell


Their oath of office

In a scene more appropriate for the movie “Animal House” than the House of Representatives, Republican congressmen stormed the secure meeting room where impeachment inquiries were being held on Wednesday. We came to find out that President Trump encouraged the stunt.

A group of Republican congressmen, including our own Rep. Mark Meadows, are now reduced to frat-boy pranks as a way of diverting attention from the bipartisan congressional committees, including 48 Republicans, that are getting too close to the truth about the Ukrainian fiasco. Justifiably, Trump is facing the reality of impeachment. The congressmen who have steadfastly defended the president are finding themselves in a rather delicate position that stinks.

We have the every right to expect our congressmen to uphold their oath of office to defend the Constitution and to protect America from its adversaries, including Russia and Vladimir Putin. Playing games and ignoring the sworn testimony of loyal citizens is an insult to the country and the voters who elected them.

John Wigodsky


Word police

So our president used the word “lynching” to describe the current Democratic impeachment inquiry.

And the wonderful Democrat word police went nuts and had to condemn him.

Once again, like most hypocrisy coming from the Democrats, five U.S. House Democrats used the word lynching during President Bill Clinton’s impeachment hearings in 1998 and there was no backlash from the left.

Rep. Danny Davis on Dec. 18, 1998; Rep. Gregory Meeks on Dec. 18, 1998; Rep. Jim McDermott on Sept. 11, 1998, and the current frontrunner, Joe Biden himself, on Oct. 2, 1998. And let’s not forget the great Rep. Jerry Nadler, on three occasions in 1998.

As defined by the Oxford English Dictionary: Lynching: (of a group of people) kill (someone) for an alleged offence without a legal trial, especially by hanging. It sounds like it is definitely happening to our president by the Democrats one more time. I am sure more lynchings are to come from 2020 through 2024!

Kenneth Baker


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