Tell the truth

The writer of the March 10 letter “Blame” was very close in his prediction that President Trump would soon be looking for a scapegoat to explain his own incompetence.

Three weeks ago, Trump claimed that exaggerated media coverage of the coronavirus constituted a hoax. On March 13, he started trying to blame President Obama for it in a series of lying tweets.

On Twitter, S.E. Cupp spoke for millions of Americans when she wrote: “STOP! These statements aren’t factually correct. Stop running for President and BE PRESIDENT. Tell the truth, take this seriously, stop tweeting. This is REAL, people are depending on you to lead. Do your job.”

But he won’t. He’s not capable. The best thing Trump could do right now, today, is resign.

Henry Tubb



I agree that this is no time for partisan politics. So maybe the press can stop criticizing President Trump every time he takes a breath.

Gary C. Parent


The elephant

Why is the United States so far behind the rest of the world in preparedness for the COVID-19 pandemic? Why have other countries been able to test many tens of thousands while the U.S. has managed only a thousand tests? Is it because the CDC is scientifically inept? Is it because our individual states were not prepared? Is it because someone assured our citizens that we were above such mundane dangers as a “foreign” virus?

Uh, oh — there is an elephant in the room! It’s that big elephant with the wavy blond hair.

In reality, the CDC labs were behind because their budget had been cut nearly in half. The scientific policy committee on epidemics was disbanded. The states that rely on leadership and supplies from the federal government were left with neither.

So, what is to blame for the dangerous spot the United States is in? Methinks it is that elephant!

Molly Leight


Better now

Overall, I think the response to the coronavirus crisis is much better than the response we’ve seen to past such crises, in terms of the regard given to the underprivileged.

The government’s response to the Great Recession was to bail out the fat cats and let the little guy sink, leading to the loss of millions of jobs, homes and pensions. This time, at least the politicians are paying lip service to poor people who might get sick.

Time will tell whether the initial response continues or whether politicians once more stick it to the poor.

A lot of organizations are wisely closing their doors and canceling meetings to avoid spreading the coronavirus, but people still need places to go. I’ve not heard that Forsyth County libraries are closing. I hope they don’t.

I’d like to suggest, though, that while a lot of doors will be closed, the great outdoors is always open. This might be a good time for people to take walks, either alone or with one or two other “low-risk” people, in our wonderful city and county parks.

Almost all of us now carry portable supercomputers that can contact people, play music and movies and give us directions to the park. I’m not saying that things aren’t bad, but at least we have that.

Mary Rubino


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