Then came Trump

A number of years ago, the popular movie “Network” included a scene where an actor screamed, “I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore!”

Beginning with the conclusion of the Kennedy presidency and the completion of President Obama’s second term, I believe the American people — especially the “silent majority” — had finally had enough of Washington as usual. Political parties and presidents promising everything to everybody and hardly ever coming through with the same began to fall on deaf ears.

And then came Donald Trump. Polite society won’t ever admit it, and those who don’t always use proper English may say it differently, but one thing for sure, by golly, Donald Trump would say it and President Trump continues to say what most people think. He makes even his supporters uncomfortable at times but, ultimately, he’s done what he said he would do and, despite an unbelievable onslaught of pushback from his opponents, he continues to gain in popularity.

In my opinion, he is a wall of defense for our constitutional Republic and needed more now than ever against the push for socialism in America. President Trump and I can exclaim the same thing with many other Americans: Keep making America great!

Joe Eskridge Sr.


Mass shootings

It is indeed tragic when someone asks you about a mass shooting and you have to answer, “Which one?”

There have been over 33,000 gun incidents so far this year, yet the Trump administration has directed resources away from the domestic terrorist threat our nation faces. Our president blames mental illness and video games for the mass shootings, yet other countries have mentally ill people and video games without the gun violence that our country has.

I have heard friends plan shopping trips and visits to restaurants based on what would be the least crowded time, so as not to attract a dangerous and armed individual to the same place they plan to be. Both friends and relatives admit they worry for the first time about taking their families to large arenas for athletic events. Some elementary students fear going to school and, once there, don’t want to leave the safety of the schoolroom to play outside when recess comes.

Add to this the haunting memory of a 12-year-old boy in Charlotte texting his mother during a school lockdown last fall that he hoped she would be all right when he was gone.

Then you have to ask, is this the kind of country we want for our children?

Martha B. Clark


Straining a gnat

We’ve had two and one-half years of President Trump’s prevarications, his blatant racism, white supremacy, nationalism, militarism, concentration camps and cult of personality, and yet the mainstream media are still demure about using the “f” word. I’m talking about fascism. His recent cult rally in Greenville was so blatantly fascist, one wonders what the media are waiting for. Are they afraid of alienating their readership? I don’t think we should be too concerned about offending racists and fascists.

The media as a whole have done such a poor job of educating and protecting the American people, one marvels at just how deeply complicit they are. Perhaps the “f” word has been so overused by both sides of the political spectrum that it no longer has any meaning at all. It’s a pity, because it does have a clear definition.

Those who attended Trump’s rally seem so obsessed with Sharia law being incompatible with our Constitution, they don’t seem to realize that fascism is, too. Straining out a gnat, they swallow a camel.

The Rev. S.J. Munson


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