40 years of service

The Forsyth County Public Library system’s board of trustees would like to express our appreciation to director Sylvia Sprinkle-Hamlin for her 40 years of service to our library system, and to wish her well on her retirement.

Sylvia has led our library system into the 21st century in her quietly graceful and sage way. She has excelled at recruiting a diverse staff and then encouraging their talents once they came to work.

Under her leadership, the Central Library was renovated with stunningly beautiful results.

The Kernersville Branch Library moved into a beautiful new building about this time last year and ground was broken for a new Clemmons Branch Library in August.

Sylvia’s strong emphasis on customer service has created libraries where everyone in the community feels welcome. She has been an exemplary community leader in church, neighborhood, charitable and artistic circles.

In addition to leading the library as director these past 20 years, Sylvia has had enough energy left over to continue the legacy of her husband, Larry Leon Hamlin, the founder of the National Black Theatre Festival.

We are so happy that Sylvia chose Winston-Salem as the place to exercise her many talents. She leaves our library system in a strong and thriving condition. We’re even happier that she is remaining in the community, where we feel certain she will continue to make a contribution. We thank her and look forward to following her next chapter.

Donna L. Staley


Staley is chairwoman of the Forsyth County Public Library System Board of Trustees. — the editor

Trump motives

Anyone who follows the news knows that President Trump has been trying to prove he won the 2016 election … ever since he won the 2016 election. It has stuck in his craw that Hillary Clinton won 3 million more votes and it has stuck in his craw that Russia is credited (rightly or wrongly; no one really knows) with helping get him elected. So of course when someone floated this “Ukraine tried to help Hillary” conspiracy theory to him, he jumped in with both feet. If he could prove that it was Ukraine that tried to influence the election, it would bolster his claim that Russia didn’t. He must have eaten that stuff up with a spoon.

That’s why he sent his personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, to Ukraine to meddle in government affairs. That’s why he pulled the rug out from his anti-corruption ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, and smeared her name. That’s why he asked Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to look into, not corruption, but Joe Biden.

Trump is notorious for having no evidence to support any of his claims, but if he could get Zelensky to just say he was looking into Biden, he could run with it.

The conservatives who consider themselves guardians of our nation have done us all a great disservice by purposely turning a blind eye toward Trump.

Hank Ruskin


Dependent on government

Congressional Republicans have consistently launched assaults on education, family welfare and nutrition benefits, Social Security, health care and other government entitlements. Their defense is that U.S. citizens should not be dependent on government for help. Yet, these same congressional Republicans have decided to turn a blind eye, act as defense counsel, and push debunked theories and outright lies in order to protect the president and his assault on the Constitution and our legal system.

And for what? To keep their government jobs and all the perks and great health care that come with those government jobs.

So, I ask: who is more dependent on government, us or them?

Johnny Lancaster


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