Pardons, etc.

President Trump has pardoned two U.S. soldiers who were convicted of committing war crimes that involved murdering civilians.

In the meantime, his administration tried to convict Scott Walker, a humanitarian aid worker, to 10 years in prison for leaving food and water in the Arizona desert to keep migrants from dying. Twice.

Conservatives, are you really sure that Trump is a Christian?

Roger L. Mack


An unusual list

Here’s an unusual list:

  • Paul Manafort
  • Michael Cohen
  • Rick Gates
  • Michael Flynn
  • George Papadopoulos
  • Roger Stone

All going to prison. All associates of President Trump.

In all my life, I’ve known one person who has gone to prison. How does Trump know so many?

Mack Ferguson


No font of facts

Not too many years ago, a Democratic president, Barack Obama was unable to identify the language spoken in Austria and concluded it was “Austrian.” More recently, Democratic Rep Hank Johnson expressed his fear that an overpopulated Guam might “capsize.” So we mustn’t expect the Democratic Party to be America’s font of facts or wisdom.

Still, it was surprising to read a recent letter (“Encouraging corruption,” Nov. 17) praising former Vice President Joe Biden for opposing corruption in Ukraine despite knowing that his son, Hunter Biden, had been paid large sums there for, seemingly, his father’s political influence.

This is another example of how badly the U.S. is divided: the left sees family Biden as anti-corruption, the right sees it as corrupt liars.

Richard Merlo


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