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Some critical questions

The continuing Democratic hysteria over the Mueller report and Attorney General William Barr’s responses raise some critical and largely unanswered questions.

Request for grand jury transcripts: Grand jury transcripts are secret and, by law, can only be released by a judge if he deems their release necessary to aid an ongoing investigation. Rep. Jerry Nadler, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, has not petitioned the courts for their release, much less launched the required formal investigation. Query: Why is he demanding information from Barr that he knows Barr cannot release?

Unredacted Mueller report: Barr has offered to let the Democrats, including staffers, review the full report, save for the National Security redactions required by law (1.5% of the report). Yet not a single Democrat has taken advantage of the opportunity. Query: If the Democrats are truly serious in their desire to find out what happened, why haven’t they taken advantage of the opportunity?

Investigating the investigators: The only officials sanctioned for official misconduct with regard to any of the investigations of Russian interference were the FBI officials in charge of the original surveillance (aka spying) of the Trump campaign. Both former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and counterintelligence agent Peter Strzok were fired for lying to the FBI Inspector General. Query: If Trump officials, such as former national security adviser Mike Flynn, are subject to criminal prosecution for lying to the FBI, then doesn’t the rule of law require the same treatment for FBI officials who do likewise?

David A. Gellatly


Trump and Iran

When asked last week about the prospect of war with Iran, President Trump responded, “I hope not.” Which means he hopes so. This man would lie about the day of the week if anyone asked him. If he didn’t want war with Iran, he wouldn’t have appointed John Bolton as his national security advisor.

This is why it’s so disappointing that so many Americans are willing to give him a pass when it comes to his lies, touting the economy, abortion and opposition to immigration, etc., as excuses for supporting him. How do they even know what Trump really thinks? We can’t believe a word he says.

When it comes to Iran, we must ignore Trump and turn to our senators and representatives in Congress and make it clear to them that we remember Iraq and we don’t want another Middle East quagmire. And in 2020, we must get rid of every single representative who has failed to hold Trump to account.

No war with Iran!

Buddy Osborne


A foreign term

It seems to me like everyone has an agenda these days. Everyone has a website with the opinion that they’re right and everyone else is wrong no matter the facts. But what about my opinion? What about the only true Americans, the American Indians? Who speaks up for us?

All the injustices, the discrimination, all the warfare, both armed and unarmed, that have been perpetuated against my people for no reason other than we were here first. Like it or not, it’s the fact. My people, the American Indians, were here first. We didn’t come over on a boat; we met others on our shores. Immigration is a foreign term to us. To me, everyone else is an immigrant, trespassing and claiming a land that they will never own because it was given to us as a whole by the Great Spirit and doesn’t need any walls or imaginary lines.

This universe was created for all to prosper and survive, until greed, lust, lust for power and dominance of religion got in the way. Until immigrants let this go, peace will never truly happen.

These true words spoken by the true original son.

Joel M. Rogers


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