Less partisanship

I am writing in response to the May 24 story regarding the bill being introduced in the N.C. legislature to change the school board elections in Surry County from nonpartisan to partisan (“Bill would make Surry County school boards partisan”).

The proposal for this change was made by the Republican head of the all-Republican county commissioners at a recent meeting to which the school board members were invited but not listened to. In fact, none, that is zero, of the members of the three school boards in Surry County endorse this move, but the Republican legislators are moving it forward nevertheless.

There was no pretense that this move would somehow benefit the education of our children or help the boards in their efforts to provide the best education possible. This is simply a political move to further solidify the Republican hold on our state politics.

Come on, county commissioners. Come on, state legislators. We need less partisanship and division in government, not more of it.

Our boards have enough tough issues to deal with in working for the education of our children without throwing partisan politics into the mix. Show some regard for a cooperative approach to decision-making for the sake of our children’s education. Keep partisan politics out of our school boards.

Evan Ballard


Destroying our government

In the past I’ve written letters to The Readers’ Forum addressing the threat to our Democratic Republic and now we are seeing it threatened daily.

This administration and the Republican senators and Republican representatives took an oath to uphold the Constitution and the rule of law. This means respecting the separation of powers in the executive, legislative and judicial branches. This administration is now showing it does not believe in the separation of powers or the rule of law. By refusing, across the board, to give Congress any documents requested and allowing people to be questioned, the administration is creating a constitutional crisis.

I do not understand how supporters of President Trump and the Republicans can possibly want to destroy our Democratic Republic, but it seems like they do. I can only hope those supporters and Republicans, across the board, will come to their senses before it is too late to save our form of government.

Thomas W. Murray


Read your Bible redux

Kudos to the author of the May 25 letter “Read your Bible.” He quotes three places in the Bible where God instructs us that a baby does not have life, is not a person, until it draws its first breath.

Perhaps the author of the May 28 letter “Human rights” should have read the May 25 letter and checked his Bible before penning his letter.

I have questions for the likes of the good pastor and the “ban abortion” legislators across the country, almost all of whom are politically conservative and old, white men and who claim to cherish the individual freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution and Bill of Rights:

  • Why do you think it’s appropriate for you to limit my human rights; my free will?
  • Why do you think you are better able than me to make personal ethical decisions for me?
  • Suppose I’m not a Christian. Why should I subscribe to your standards, especially since your Bible states that
  • your
  • God said life only begins with the first breath?

Banning abortion won’t end abortion. It will simply chase it back underground. Thank goodness for the growing number of states that have guaranteed, or are in the process of guaranteeing, women’s reproductive rights.

I echo the sentiment of the writer of the May 25 letter when he closed with, “If only Christians would read their Bibles.”

Kenneth R. Ostberg


Thin skin

I’m willing to accept President Trump’s claim that he didn’t know about the staff effort to hide the USS John S. McCain from his line of sight during his recent visit to Japan (“Trump distances himself from flap over USS McCain,” May 31). But what does it say about him that his staff thought the sight of the Navy destroyer would likely raise his temper? What does it say about the administration that they wouldn’t even allow sailors from the warship, wearing hats that read “USS John S. McCain” (instead, perhaps, of “MAGA”?), to attend Trump’s Memorial Day speech like the other sailors did?

These are U.S. military personnel. They likely didn’t choose to serve on the ship named after McCain, but they’re probably proud to serve in the U.S. Navy and they should be proud to serve on a ship named after McCain. Yet they were ostracized because of the president’s thin skin.

How can conservatives continue to support this man-child? Everything he does makes us all look like buffoons.

Chris Hannigan


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