Kavanaugh should withdraw

During an interview with Fox News personality Sean Hannity before his Sept. 20 Las Vegas pep rally, President Trump questioned why Christine Blasey Ford didn’t come forward with her accusations about Brett Kavanaugh 36 years ago, when the event occurred.

This kind of ignorant question — why didn’t she come forward then? — has been asked before — and it has been answered, credibly, over and over again by victims of sexual assault. The only reason to ask it is to try to discredit the victim.

For me, it’s this clear: Ford has asked for an FBI investigation. Kavanaugh hasn’t. Ford expects her story to be confirmed. Does Kavanaugh?

The best thing Kavanaugh can do at this point, for the good of the nation, is withdraw. If he’s confirmed, his appointment will mar the Supreme Court for as long as he serves.

Phil Ronald Turner


No unneeded stadium

I strongly oppose any presentation to the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County School Board of a proposal that taxpayers pay for an unneeded stadium for R.J. Reynolds High School. My daughter attended RJR until last year, and I found the conditions of the existing facility to be lacking in basic upkeep and renovations. I am also aware there are many schools with outdated equipment, pods, teaching supplies, leaky roofs, mold, etc. We, the taxpayers — and neighborhood — should not foot the bill for this exorbitant amount, for an outsized sports facility that will damage the ecosystem and pleasure to be found in Hanes Park, as well as surrounding areas — when there are more acute and important needs in all of our schools.

Taxpayers have already footed the bill for a new drop-off and gym for Wiley Middle School — when the original Home Field Advantage plans called for private funding. Clearly HFA has not found enough of this private support, having raised only $600,000 of the estimated $4 million the proposed stadium is estimated to run, and now wants to foist the cost on all of us.

With the overwhelming scientific data citing the incredible dangers of contact football, the school board and city need to think in a much larger sphere about what it is promulgating for our young people.

This should not be an item on the September school board docket and should not be supported by our tax dollars.

Angus MacLachlan


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