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Sustainability and resilience

The Journal is to be commended for the special June 30 edition featuring comprehensive articles on how we grow, plan, move and play. Now, I suggest that the Journal publish a similar special edition about our sustainability and resilience in the light the changing climate. There is a lot going on here, yet so much more needs to be done by the city, county, businesses, schools, churches and residents.

I’d like to read how our city is doing with Mayor Allen Joines’ recently rejuvenated Community Sustainability Program Committee and energy conservation. At the county level, what is being planned for storm disaster preparation, recycling, land conservation and tree preservation? Are the city and county planning to join the almost two dozen other local governments in North Carolina that have passed resolutions to achieve carbon neutrality in the coming decades? Are our public and private schools and universities educating every student about the environment and the role they play?

The U.S. Chamber Of Commerce recently acknowledged the reality of climate change. What is our local chamber doing to educate its members and to help bring new businesses to our area that are part of the burgeoning alternate energy industry? What are the local environmental groups doing to promote environmental justice for all? What are Sens. Thom Tillis and Richard Burr and Rep. Virginia Foxx doing for us?

I believe that positive, well thought out answers to these questions are needed now if we are to survive and thrive.

Gus Preschle


Expensive phrase

I noticed a phrase in your June 26 story, “Study: Expand Medicaid, help 634K more get health care.” The phrase was: “It is less expensive to insure low-income adults through Medicaid than through private insurance.”

That would actually be true for everyone, not just low-income adults.

Why is our health care so expensive when it’s so affordable in other countries? Because we have to pay insurance companies. We have to pay multi-million-dollar salaries for the executives in these insurance companies.

If we just eliminated insurance companies, like some of the Democratic candidates suggested — and if we did away with the government’s deals with pharmaceutical companies, which keep us from negotiating prices — our health care would be much more affordable. Not only that, but we wouldn’t all be worrying about what’s going to happen the next time we go to the doctor’s office.

But we can’t do that. We can’t have safe, inexpensive health care.

Why not? Because that’s “socialism.”

Why is it that everything that is good for people is “socialism,” everything bad is “capitalism” and Americans keep choosing capitalism?

Howard Greene


In reality

We have forgotten America’s words of conception, “that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” Americans have fought and died for Thomas Jefferson’s words and founded a great nation on them. But his words have never become a reality.

Maybe we never really believed that equality and God-given rights are “truths.” Our nation has struggled to overcome the prejudice and discrimination.

It is obvious that our current president does not believe in equality of all people. His words and actions have rekindled prejudiced hatred and used it to support his cruel, inhumane and unchristian policies.

The writer of the letter “Constant barrage” (July 3) pledges continued support for our “lewd, crude and loud Trump” and doesn’t understand why the “left” doesn’t acknowledge our economic prosperity under him. Maybe it’s because of the unequal distribution of that prosperity. Maybe it’s because people trying to enter this country to experience a small piece of this prosperity are being treated as subhuman. Maybe it’s because people can only receive the level of health care that they can afford.

Trump will not be remembered for a healthy economy, his belief in Jefferson’s words or his defense and protection of the Constitution. His legacy will be one of hatred, a legacy that will haunt the lives of our children, grandchildren and nation for many years.

Gary Meeks


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