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Truth and propaganda

About the June 15 letter “Partisan school elections,” in which the writer claims, “Many Republicans believe that the Democratic Party has an anti-American agenda, and that its teachers indoctrinate our children to anti-capitalism, anti-patriotism and occasionally anti-Christianity.” That sounds to me like another fearful conservative assertion with no evidence to support it. At least the writer had the honesty to express it as a belief rather than a fact.

People often confuse their own opinions with truth. If conservatives hear something and they don’t like it — if it’s not conservative — they may think it’s anti-capitalism, anti-patriotism and occasionally anti-Christianity.

I’m not sure they’re in the best position to judge.

Right now our democracy is under attack by Republicans who want to gerrymander elections. I want our children to know that. Right now the Trump administration is trying to suppress evidence about climate change and it’s urging members of its administration not to cooperate with the U.S. House. I want our children to know that. If the truth is anti-capitalism, anti-patriotism and even anti-Christianity, our children need to know that.

The important thing is that our children be taught what’s real and not propaganda, from left or right.

Ricky S. Phillips


Advice to Democrats

In 1960, when I cast my first vote, I was 21 years old, had already served my country and was hoping for a future of my own. John F. Kennedy was my beacon toward that future, but now the future is not mine, so I will cast what will probably be my last vote for those who will live with my decisions.

In the 2020 election I will be voting for my grandsons, one of whom is only 3 years old. I hope that maybe the true patriots like former Vice President Joe Biden, Sen. Bernie Sanders and many of the other ambitious and well-meaning presidential candidates will put aside their own personal ambitions and back a true candidate for a realistic move into the realistic future.

Confusing a very important election with an unrealistic number of Democratic contenders will only assure President Trump of four more years in the White House. Pool this massive brain trust and give this country to someone with an eye toward my 3-year-old grandson’s future — a future away from the “oil barons” and the Wall Street greed merchants who are playing a dangerous game of monopoly. Redirect this country into a sustainable economy not so overweighed by the selfish few who would take this country down in the name of “the market economy.”

Currently I am looking to a new beacon to lead this country with a fresh and realistic mindset.

William Coats


The solution

I don’t know what the solution to the refugee crisis is. I don’t know how best to deal with the large numbers at the border or the problem of children traveling to the U.S. without their parents. But I know that that’s what we elect our officials for — to solve these problems in a way that is befitting of America.

In the richest country in the world, we shouldn’t have children in detention centers sleeping on concrete floors with no access to soap and toothpaste. We shouldn’t leave 5-year-olds supervising toddlers. I don’t know what the answer is, but it’s not that. If the only answer they can come up with is to start immediate construction of clean and safe tent cities in which to house every child, with teachers and babysitters, that is superior to what’s happening now.

I came up with that and I’m not even a politician.

Every single U.S. senator and representative should have his or her salary frozen until those children are taken care of in a responsible and compassionate manner. And since they can’t, maybe we need new people in those offices.

Bonnie G. Vaughn


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