David vs. Goliath

In response to the Aug. 12 article “Going Solo: Winston-Salem surgeon fights to overturn health care monopoly,” listen up, state representatives and big-box health care providers. Dr. Gajendra Singh, as well as State Treasurer Dale Folwell, has exposed a problematic health care system that is supported by the legislature of this state. It sounds like someone is giving lots of money to the benevolent fund of some of those in the General Assembly.

Why was there a need for a hospital in Clemmons and one in Kernersville, basically urgent care bed and breakfast inns, when two “big house” hospitals are about 12 miles away? The large health care providers buy out small practices, thus eliminating competition, and then act indignant when someone questions them about prices for their services. (Remember the response from Frank Kauder, the executive bully at Cone Health, regarding Folwell’s proposal for pricing transparency and a contract with reduced rates.)

All this is supported by our legislature, or so it seems.

Good luck, Dr. Singh. Maybe David can take on Goliath and win.

Barbara Lineback


Has Hood changed?

In his July 28 column “Governing isn’t just poll-taking,” pundit John Hood made the trenchant, clarifying observation that “Our republic relies on periodic elections to invest temporary power in the hands of public servants. Their ongoing job is to study, to argue, to conciliate, and to govern … They should do what they think is right, then await the public’s considered judgment in the next election.”

For years, Hood has come across as one of those clever knee-jerk conservatives with plenty of brain power but virtually no heart. (Yes, some liberals display the opposite imbalance.) Lately, though, Hood appears to have grown up. He has begun to apply a more nuanced analysis to the important, enormously difficult issues that swirl around us all.

How’d that happen? Perhaps we have President Trump to thank for Hood’s emergence into adulthood. Your pundit probably supports many (most?) of the policy choices Trump has made. And yet, perhaps the utterly sickening way that this president throws his weight around has gotten to Hood. We’ve all seen the annihilation of conservative Republican values of fiscal responsibility, personal integrity and plain old civic decency coming out of the White House and its many congressional enablers. Perhaps Hood now realizes the time has come for thoughtful North Carolinians of serious principle to push back against this destructive foolishness.

Now, if only Sen. Thom Tillis had the courage to do the same.

William B. Gibson


The real tragedy

Unfortunately we can now dispense with any rational recommendations for the escalating gun violence. The real tragedy is that there are a large number of leaders, political, community and religious, who have converted large numbers of followers to believing that worshipping at the altar of the Second Amendment and possessing weapons capable of ending human life swiftly and en masse, is more important than the many lives that are struck down daily.

The gun lobby and its acolytes view gun violence as acceptable collateral damage.

You don’t really believe that you can lie down with the devil and not have to spend the night do you?

John Eder


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