I understand that people who didn’t care that President Trump tried to bribe a foreign government into creating a faux investigation into his political opponent to help his election chances or that he ordered young children to be separated from their parents at the border or that he’s trying to keep people out of the U.S. because of their skin color and/or religion are very upset that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tore up a printed copy of his State of the Union address on Tuesday. That’s a shame.

Howard Greene


What a mess

What a mess we are in. Has our country ever been more divided since the Civil War? Has the presidency ever been held in lower esteem? No, all our presidents were not great. Was Jimmy Carter a great president? Probably not, but I think he’s a good person. At least he teaches Sunday school.

Imagine President Trump teaching Sunday school: “OK, kiddies, if someone hits you, you hit them back twice as hard, then threaten to sue them, then deny everything.”

At President Obama’s rallies, the chant was “Yes we can” — fairly positive and upbeat. At Trump rallies, the chant is “Lock her up” (oh, get over it!) or “Build the wall” — fairly vengeful and closed-minded.

And now we have had an impeachment trial — well, we have had opening and closing arguments, questions from the “impartial” jurors, and then the acquittal.

Did anyone take Sen. Lindsey Graham seriously when he took an oath to be impartial?

And by the way, 70% of America felt there should have been witnesses and evidence, but hey, what do we know?

Will Trump now think, “Whew, I dodged a bullet that time” or will he think “OK, I have all my toadies marching in step, now I can do whatever I want”?

I think that when future historians write about the downfall of America as a world power, they will start with the election of Donald J. Trump.

Sam Ferguson


Burke’s decisions

Scott Sexton’s Jan. 30 column “Little accountability for Judge Burke” was completely unfair and mostly incorrect.

The transcript of the hearing is available for review and should be relied upon. Please note the Guilford County district attorney did not object to defendant Michael Dean Myers’ bond being unsecured; likely because of the fact that he was lucky that Judge Burke did not allow the defense motion to dismiss for speedy trial violation. The only allowed remedy for a speedy trial violation is dismissal with prejudice.

It also appears after 22 months of incarceration for the defendant, in a case that has been completely investigated and in which all witnesses are local, the state still has problems with its evidence, including one victim who gave an affidavit in 2018 stating the defendant was not the person who attacked her.

For the record, none of the victims or their family members were present in court, but the defendant’s family was present. By the N.C. Constitution, the DA is required to give reasonable notice of bond hearings to victims, yet none were present.

Burke’s decision in this hearing seems to have been a balanced and thoughtful analysis of competing interests and an appropriate application of the law afterward. None of the parties involved objected to either of Judge Burke’s decisions.

I have provided the Journal with a copy of the hearing transcript.

Paul James


James is a public defender for the 21st judicial district. — the editor

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