Bad City Council karma

For many years I’ve watched meetings of the Winston-Salem City Council on Cable 13, including the meeting of Nov. 18. Viewing this council in action can sometimes be instructive.

You’ve got to hand it to Vivian Burke, a council member for 42 years, and to her understudy, D.D. Adams. Burke and Adams make their political careers out of taxing city residents who live in ZIP codes 27106 and 27104 and conveying the money across town to their constituents on the east side; a proven formula for east side council members to get reelected under Winston-Salem’s antiquated political ward system.

Finance Committee chairman Robert Clark recommended the use of city money to purchase a tract of land, invoking the theme of environmental preservation. Adams torpedoed Clark’s recommendation, not on its merits, but because she had been dissed, asserting that blacks would receive no benefit from the proposed expenditure. Burke, seeing that a smidgen of city money might be used in a ward other than her ward, which is already loaded up with taxpayer-funded projects, allowed as how she will vote “No” on Clark’s recommendation unless the council can give her ward an equal amount of taxpayer money.

Notice the role race plays in the deliberations of the City Council and its redistribution of economic wealth. As Adams said, “We African Americans built this town, and ... other people benefited from our resources and our labor.” That is Adams’ justification for redistributing our property taxes to east Winston. Quite instructive.

Pat Blankenship


Time for a change

Every time the Winston-Salem City Council starts discussion about real estate, my reflex action is to get a firm hold on my wallet. None of these public servants should or could sit on the decision-making lending committee of our local banks, yet they still play the real estate game with our money.

What has happened at Ogburn Station? And how about the million-dollar investment in hydroponic gardening? Now we are looking at an East End redevelopment led by a church and a nonprofit developer. Give us a break, please, council members.

Then in this time when most of the world is concerned with global warming, Council Member D.D. Adams delays a move to protect a beautiful piece of property in our city center. Adams, who changes her direction more often than an ambulance in heavy traffic, hopefully will wake up and smell the trees. Our octogenarian council member Vivian Burke smugly requested her own ward’s quid pro quo before she would support the rescue of this property and has forgotten the multi-million-dollar investment in Union Station.

It’s time for a change, citizens; remember this when the next election comes up.

Tom Jones


Supporting our troops

It was very good for President Trump to spend Thanksgiving Day with our troops in Afghanistan. He could have been golfing, but he flew to a dangerous war-like zone instead. And it proves that, aside from abandoning our allies, pardoning war criminals, slandering career military professionals and discriminating against transgender troops, Trump really does support our troops.

Or something like that.

Ray Walters


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