N.C. Senate obstruction

The N.C. Senate Republicans are acting a little like the old story of the dog in the manger when they refuse to finally vote on Gov. Roy Cooper’s veto of their budget (“Quit the Medicaid expansion obstruction,” Aug. 19). Are they going to delay and delay until the end of the year? Until the next budget is due?

So stop costing us more and more money: Vote!

Betty Bewley


Dame Dixie

What a relief that the righteous have struck down the name Dixie Classic Fair! I suggest that they now move on to block the rebuilding of Notre Dame Cathedral — nay! That in fact they demand its demolition! What is Notre Dame but the stone manifestation of the white, Eurocentric Christian patriarchy, its denizens clad in Klan-like hooded robes disseminating a doctrine of divisive anti-otherness? Laissez tomber Notre Dame!

Down with London’s Westminster Abbey! Tear down Milan’s Duomo and Rome’s St. Peter’s! We must rename all cities whose names remind us of the horrors of our culture’s past, especially the un-woke religious past!

Rename St. Louis, San Francisco and Corpus Christi! Fie on Santa Fe! And while they’re at it, take the “Shalom” out of Winston-Salem.

William Longyard


True freedom

Conservatives keep claiming that universal health care provided by a federal program, like some of the Democratic presidential candidates are discussing, would be tantamount to “slavery.”

More evidence that they really don’t know what “slavery” is.

Right now, Americans are slaves to their medical conditions, for which they have to pay exorbitant fees. They’re slaves to insurance companies, which decide whether they can receive needed care. They’re slaves to drug companies, which try to determine how much they can squeeze from their customers and then push further.

Imagine not having to stay awake at night worrying about going broke or losing your home because of your cancer treatment or your heart surgery or your child’s insulin. Imagine not having to worry about losing your health care if you lose your job. Imagine the peace of mind. That’s not slavery.

Universal health care is what freedom looks like. That’s why every other advanced country in the world has it.

And to call it “slavery” is nothing but Orwellian double-speak that conservatives use … to keep their followers enslaved.

Whichever Democrat gets the presidential nomination has got my vote. We’ve been the backward country for far too long.

Ron F. Slater


Good story

Bravo, Winston-Salem Journal, for putting Jaylen Brown’s inspirational story on the front page on July 29 (“ ‘THIS IS IT’,”). It was uplifting to read how this young college student coped with his serious accident, continued his classes in a wheelchair with strong family support and plans a future helping other accident victims cope.

Good luck to Jaylen Brown. And thank you, Journal, for publishing his courageous story. It brightened my day.

Ann Listokin


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