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Heard enough

Enough is enough! We have heard enough about the Mueller report that was and is a total waste of taxpayers’ money. So they spend another $25 million and impeach President Trump. Then what? As with Bill Clinton, the House will vote to impeach and the Senate will vote against. What will be accomplished?

Regardless of whom we send to Washington, although they promise to stand for change, once they get there they have two major concerns: to get re-elected and try to destroy the other party. And what happens with the promise of “government of the people, for the people and by the people”? Unless someone can truly drain the swamp, honest, efficient government that works for the people will never happen.

A possible solution to the problem is to have term limits for Congress and the Supreme Court. But how can this be achieved? As long as the swamp exists, people in Congress will never vote to terminate their jobs. So what are we the people to do?

Donald Crews



According to the May 13 letter “Until the next time …”, after the name “Dixie Classic Fair” is changed, “The hysteria will fade” until people find something else about which to complain. That’s an interesting hypothesis.

I attended the public meeting reported in the May 8 Journal story “Fair forum heats up” and can verify the story told, especially by the photographs that accompany the story. Those who are asking that the name be changed, like Bishop Sir Walter L. Mack, spoke calmly and dispassionately, explaining why they find the name offensive.

Supporters of “Dixie” were perhaps best exemplified by Robert R. Hicks, caught by camera yelling angrily at Mack. According to your story, Hicks “scoffed and yelled” at Mack.

It’s embarrassing to me as a member of the community that anyone would act like that.

But if we’re going to talk about hysteria, let’s be clear: It’s not the people who want the name “Dixie” abandoned who are hysterical; it’s those who are desperately clinging to this remnant of a past that is, at best, questionable.

Gary Jacobs


Preserving our planet

We are destroying our future instead of leading Americans and the world into a better future.

There are many examples of where we have reversed this destruction process, but they are on too small a scale to have an immediate or significant worldwide effect. All of us should be glad we are at least taking baby steps to self- preservation.

Preserving our planet, the only one we’ve got, requires all nations to work together to save our civilization from extinction. We cannot do it alone. Our current leaders in Washington, D.C., believe there is no need to take any steps and that moving backward is even better.

The time has come to inform our politicians what is very important to us. We must reverse our course. We can do this in the 2020 elections.

Philip S. Auchincloss


Guns in our state

On Monday, May 13, a handgun was found in the book bag of a Northwest Middle School student.

On Sunday, May 12, a SnapChat was posted with a picture of multiple guns overlaid with text that threatened a school shooting at Reynolds High School. Also on Sunday, a baby was shot in the head after toddlers were playing with a gun left in a nightstand in Lincoln County.

Last Wednesday, May 8, a gun was reported at Paisley Magnet School.

Two weeks ago, two college students were murdered and four were wounded after another student opened fire at UNC Charlotte.

Last weekend, my own children (7, 6, and 3 years old) played “lockdown drill” as their morning game. They used the words “run,” “hide” and “fight.” Before they started school, they played “unicorn valley,” “family” and “restaurant.”

Guns in our state are the terrifying common denominator in all six of these incidents. These incidents all happened within the last two weeks in North Carolina. Three of them happened at a Winston-Salem/Forsyth County school within the past few days! The time for gun reform is now. We need as much regulation (if not more) required for driving a car/holding a driver’s license as we do for owning a gun. Arming our educators is a misguided and dangerous response. Period.

Christy Robinson


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