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Tillis and tariffs

I have grave concerns about U.S. Sen. Thom Tillis. Is he really representing North Carolina? Looking at his voting record, he has definitely become President Trump’s “yes” man. He usually rubber stamps anything Trump wants, including confirming every nomination Trump makes, many of whom have been forced to leave office.

We all remember when Tillis did his famous immigration flip-flop. He also shouted, “No collision, no obstruction of justice,” without reading the full Mueller report. Now, he’s offering unequivocal support for Trump’s new tariff deal before carefully vetting the information and obtaining all the facts. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce predicts that tariffs will cost N.C. families between $385 million to $1.92 billion.

Is Tillis working for his constituents in North Carolina or is he working for Trump?

Carol Ashley


Abortion opposition

Kathleen Parker is a good columnist, but her latest column, “Using imagination to end abortion” (June 11), ironically shows a lack of imagination.

She suggests increasing access to birth control and sex education to halt abortion. But attempts to improve access to birth control and sex education are regularly met with opposition by influential conservatives in religious and government organizations. In fact, every effective attempt to decrease abortion has been opposed by conservative leaders. They even define an option such as Plan B, “the morning-after pill,” as an abortifacient, which it literally is not.

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, in his recent ruling about abortion law, wrote in his opinion not so much about abortion as about birth control. If conservatives succeed in outlawing abortion, it’s pretty obvious that they’ll go after birth control next.

It’s easy to work up outrage about abortion among compassionate people, but it’s not really abortion that angers the conservatives who set the agenda: It’s the 21st century. It’s sex. It’s gender equality. It’s women being allowed to make decisions about their behavior and their bodies that used to be made behind closed doors by men.

They will never portray that honestly, though, because to do so would be to risk losing the political support they receive — from conservatives who use birth control.

Mary Linda Knox


The biggest fraud

This ridiculous notion that the House of Representatives will bring impeachment proceedings against President Trump is the biggest fraud yet unveiled by this freak show masquerading as the Democratic House majority.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has no intention of starting the articles of impeachment because if passed by her majority they will lead to a trial in the Senate with Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts presiding. The president’s attorneys will have the right to subpoena any witnesses they feel have information about the charge. Imagine the parade of people starting with Hillary Clinton, political strategist Donna Brazille, former FBI Director James Comey, former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, the disgraced FBI agents and Obama staffers who will be testifying under oath on the Senate floor and subject to jail time if they lie and are convicted of perjury for their own “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

Trump haters, beware what you wish for. It just might lead to him being re-elected by a landslide.

Tom Jones


Not hypocrisy

The June 8 letter “The greatest sin” stated that the greatest sin is hypocrisy. I was always taught and believe that the greatest sin is rejecting God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

Lynn Mabe


It’s not treason

I join House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in wanting to see President Trump go to prison. And it is not treasonous to say so. People who think or say that don’t know what treason is.

Treason is betraying your country, not criticizing the president.

So many people understood that when Barack Obama was president. But with their savior in the White House, they’ve forgotten it.

I don’t want to see Trump in prison because I hate him, but because, after reading the Mueller report, I’m convinced that he obstructed justice. There’s no doubt that anyone else would go to prison for what he did.

The president should not be above the law. It is not traitorous to say so; it is patriotic.

Ronnie Miller


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