Substantial reasons

Kudos to the writer of the Oct. 22 letter, “Why women back Trump.” It’s nice to think that someone might actually have substantial reasons for supporting such an abrasive, divisive character as President Trump, rather than just because he appeals to their worst instincts.

I would not argue with the writer’s sincerity, but it’s still hard to square her claims with the facts.

I think if the evidence is investigated impartially, it’s difficult to escape the fact that Trump’s economy is benefiting from the groundwork laid by President Obama. It’s also being paid for in other ways, through decreased pollution protections and increased federal debt.

I can improve the economy, too, if you allow me to make heroin legal.

He has also “protected,” not “the religious rights of private business owners,” but their religious privileges, at the expense of the religious rights of their employees and/or customers.

Also, as a woman, the letter writer has to sacrifice a certain degree of self-respect to advocate for a champion who is so lacking in respect for her or other women. I would not be willing to do so.

Some might say that everything is a trade-off in this life. The writer is free to choose as she has, but she must pay for her choice. I hope she’s willing to accept the consequences of her decisions.

Wendy Marshall


One excuse

It seems that Trump supporters have one excuse for his misdeeds: “Hillary or Obama did worse.”

Even if it were possible for someone to be worse than President Trump, how is that at all relevant?

Romaine S. Poindexter


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