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Teachers should walk out

In AP Psychology, we are given textbooks to read, study and learn from. These textbooks are the foundation of the class. However, most of the textbooks are in some way deformed. For example, one textbook is missing the entire Chapter 7. How is a teacher meant to put up with such a disruption in their class while President Trump is cutting the education budget to pay for his wall? As a student, I fully support the teachers marching out. I, too, want textbooks that do not fall apart at the seam.

The May 2 story “Thousands of educators march in Raleigh” eloquently explains the reasons teachers are walking out. Teachers are walking for more than just their lack of good pay and benefits, but for their students.

Many government officials have the money to pay for their children to attend private schools with fully functioning MacBook Pros. But what about the 91% of students in America who go to public school? Is it really worth cutting the education budget and leaving 9% of the population to benefit? I say no. This is a perfect example of the rich staying educated and rich while the poor stay uneducated and poor.

So yes, I agree that teachers should walk out. I support teachers walking out. Because they are not just walking out for themselves, but for their students.

Vera Isabella Kamm


We have term limits

The writer of the May 17 letter “Heard enough” questioned the Mueller investigation as being a waste of taxpayers’ money. Thirty-four indictments and guilty pleas ... looks like it was worth it to me.

But my letter isn’t about the investigation. He suggests there is no way to get term limits enacted. We do have term limits. They are called elections. If you want term limits, then don’t vote for the incumbent. If that means voting for the other party ... that is OK, we will survive. Our country won’t fall apart just because we have a cycle where your party is not in office.

To sum up, if you want term limits, never vote for the incumbent. If you vote for the incumbent, don’t complain about not having term limits.

David Stewart


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