A special word

Most of white, rural, conservative America is as depressed and rusted out as West Baltimore. Good paying jobs are long gone. Rampant use of methamphetamine and abuse of opioids is at epidemic levels. The exodus from rural, white America is decades old.

But President Trump never calls those areas “infested” (“Trump attacks Cummings’ district,” July 28). That’s a special word he saves for areas populated by black and brown people.

Alan Brockman


He put America first

Why did we vote for President Trump?

I voted for him because he said he’d put America first. I voted for him because he said he would stanch the flow of illegal immigrants across our southern border, which is changing the nature of our nation. I voted for him because he was not going to be a business-as-usual politician. I voted for him because he said he’d appoint conservative judges to our courts.

I did not vote for him to be so crude, but nobody’s perfect. As far as I’m concerned, he’s doing what he said he would do — despite the resistance and constant investigations from the U.S. House.

I say, let them investigate away. If Trump has done anything illegal, he should be called out for it, just like any American.

But so far — nada. And I’ll bet that will be the case all the way through 2024.

Kevin Fields


In order

So before President Trump took office, the U.S., the U.K., France, China, Russia and Germany were all united in keeping Iran in order.

Now, Iran, the U.K., France, China, Russia and Germany are all united and it’s the U.S. that’s out of order.

This must be part of that “winning” we’ve been hearing so much about. Way to go, Trump.

Paul Doran


National debt

Since Republicans have concluded that the national debt is now of no concern, let’s not be fooled when they start talking about cutting Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. If they go in debt for rich-people tax cuts, farmers’ assistance and the military, they can go in debt to keep the poor and the elderly from suffering.

Beverly M. Burton


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