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We’ll keep winning

About the June 1 letter “Russian puppets,” I support President Trump and I am nobody’s puppet.

While Democrats and liberals waste their time chasing every little tweet from the president, he’s getting things done. Every time a Democratic judge puts up an obstacle to his border wall — one of the main reasons I voted for him — he finds a way around it. They keep trying and he keeps beating them back.

We’re going to get that wall and it’s going to stop a lot of crime. It’s what Americans want.

Liberals have so many complaints about everything, but while they keep arguing about nonsense, we’re going to keep winning. We’re going to stop abortion, we’re going to stop welfare handouts and we’re going to stop the ridiculous identity politics that separate Americans from each another.

Their problem with the census citizenship question isn’t that it’s going to alter the count, but that it’s going to diminish the power of illegal immigrants. Why should cities and states receive my tax dollars to support illegal immigrant communities?

Keep pushing. We’ll keep winning. Trump is making America great again, whether liberals like it or not.

Kevin Fields


Out-of-town owners

The May 25 story “Ashton Oaks apartments sells for $16M” says the apartment complex, in Winston-Salem, was sold to a Chapel Hill residential-investment company. Another story on the same day, “Downtown building sold,” says the Nash-Bolich building on Fourth Street was sold to a New York investment firm. I wonder just how much of Winston-Salem is in Winston-Salem residents’ hands.

These may be excellent companies in terms of their resources and reputations, but is an out-of-town firm going to be as committed to Winston-Salem? Will an out-of-town residential-investment company care about local tenants and set rental prices that are affordable?

Call me provincial, but I would have more faith in a local company than one from New York City. If we’re not careful, we could lose our homes and our properties to predatory landlords who only care about the bottom line, not the people who reside in their properties.

Barney Harper


Killing health care

It’s bad enough that the “Trump effect” (i.e., his childish temper and propensity for holding grudges) led to staff members trying to hide the Navy destroyer USS John S. McCain from the president, lest he throw another tantrum in public (“Trump distances himself from flap over USS McCain,” May 31). But his tweeted response, that he “was very, very angry with McCain because he killed health care” is another example in a long line of gaslighting statements from Trump.

The vote was to repeal the Affordable Care Act with nothing to replace it. Trump was literally trying to kill health care. McCain literally kept it alive.

But don’t tell the Kool-Aid drinkers. They don’t want to know the truth.

Ben Albertson


Fake news

I have been reading about this new tomfoolery, fake news. It seems to me that this increases the importance of newspapers that are put together by real journalists.

I have been friends or had professional relationships with a number of Journal reporters and others there over the years. Former managing editor Joe Goodman and I were in the same class at Reynolds High School. Former reporter Frank Elliot covered the City-County Planning Board when I worked there years ago. I think I understand what journalists are. I think newspapers engage in sensationalism with headlines sometimes to sell papers, but when you drill down you get the facts.

I don’t do any social media, and this latest news reinforces my intent not to. I just renewed my subscription and have an online subscription to The New York Times. I know where to get what is real. I hope others know as well.

James Yarbrough


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