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On Sept. 11, The Associated Press reported that two people accused of vandalizing a memorial to enslaved and free black workers who built UNC-Chapel Hill have been ordered to pay fines and perform community service. They were sentenced to 200 hours of community service, 18 months of unsupervised probation and a $500 fine.

Their crime was marking the Unsung Founders Memorial on campus with “racist language.”

“Silent Sam,” which stood in the same plaza as the Unsung Founders Memorial, was vandalized by a student who poured red ink and her own blood on the statue. In that instance, the judge declined to punish the student.

Of course, two of the four protesters who toppled Silent Sam were found guilty of doing so. They were sentenced to 24 hours in jail, a $500 fine plus court costs and 18 months probation.

Still, I can’t help wondering if justice is being served fairly. Why is it OK to vandalize one statue but not another?

Near as I can tell, while the Journal reported many stories about the vandalism of Silent Sam, the Journal didn’t report on the vandalism of the other memorial. This vandalism should have been reported, as well.

Jake Lester


The AP story about the Unsung Founders Memorial was reported on, but not in print. — the editor


I think U.S. House Democrats are a bunch of buffoons. They’ve been doing their best to undermine the president — who, admittedly, isn’t the sharpest crayon in the box — but they’re flailing around like a bunch of chickens with their heads cut off. They’re disorganized — oh, yeah, I already said they were Democrats — and incompetent.

But it’s still wrong for President Trump to order his underlings like Corey Lewandowski to obstruct their investigations. It’s still wrong for Joseph McGuire, the acting director of National Intelligence, to refuse to comply with a House subpoena. Like it or not, the Democrats were elected to office and have every right to investigate whatever they want.

It doesn’t look as if the Democrats have the backbone to do anything about it.

Trump stands on stage and rants about “law and order,” then orders his people to refuse congressional subpoenas. He should be impeached for that alone.

We may have the worst politics in American history right now. A pox on both their houses!

Howard Ivanson


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