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Children at the border

The U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) is not gassing or incinerating people in the “detention” camps they have set up in the southwest of our nation, but they are subjecting them, particularly children, to the worst neglect and cruelty possible and killing them emotionally and spiritually (“Lawyers: Children in danger at detention centers,” June 21).

And Homeland Security is trying to turn Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) into a Gestapo-like organization that hunts families and individuals down in their homes, work places, churches and schools.

Have Americans lost their moral compass? Where is the compassion we Americans have shown in the past through our protests against injustice? How can we cast a blind eye to this atrocity and sleep peacefully every night?

Timothy Miles

Mount Airy

The media’s fault

President Trump has been accused of sexually assaulting yet another woman (“Trump denies woman’s sexual assault claim,” June 23). It’s the media’s fault!

Trump’s border policies left hundreds of children swimming in filth (“Migrant kids moved after bad treatment is exposed,” June 25). It’s the media’s fault!

Trump almost took us to war with Iran, calling off an air strike with a bogus story about how he once again saved the day … from himself (“After calling off strikes on Iran, Trump ‘in no hurry,’” June 22). It’s the media’s fault!

The media is so liberal! You’re always reporting and giving us facts when you’re supposed to just shut up and support the president, like state TV — er, Fox News. What is wrong with you?

Duncan Mason


A new low

The Journal may have hit an all-time low with the June 26 editorial page political cartoon, featuring a man in a MAGA hat listening to news about immigrants. I found it disgusting, offensive and totally uncalled for, and I cannot believe cartoons such as this will increase your readership. You can do better than this, and going forward I sure hope you will.

Bob Reagan


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