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That’s rich

An important note we shouldn’t forget:

As President Trump was trying to derail investigations into his connections with Russia, he was also trying to derail investigations into Russia’s influence on the 2016 election. He was more concerned about his own skin than about the nation’s well-being. For that reason alone, he should be impeached.

Trump now says there have been enough investigations and the House should get back to work. That’s rich, coming from a man who would still like to see more investigations of his political opponent, Hillary Clinton, and who wastes hours a day watching Fox News.

Gerald Bean


No clean hands

In response to her constant harping on impeaching President Trump, hasn’t Sen. Elizabeth Warren heard of the “clean hands” doctrine? She has her own “Varsity Blues” scandal and has no right criticizing anyone after she lied on her college application.

What could have become of the person she stole admission from? We’ll never know, but Elizabeth Warren should be expelled from any and all government positions.

Sue Ellen Moss


White privilege

Recent letters to the Readers’ Forum have focused on the removal of Confederate monuments and renaming the Dixie Classic Fair. Many probably agree with the writer of “Look ahead” (April 17) who said, “Let’s put black and white in the past and look ahead. The more we bring this up, the more divisive we become.” This is clearly written by one who has white privilege and whose ancestors were not enslaved, were not victims of convict leasing, were not forced into peonage and were not publicly tortured and lynched in order to instill fear and promote white supremacy; one whose ancestors the Supreme Court decided would live under “equal but separate” conditions where equal was anything but; one who believes that he has the right to call the shots, to call for sweeping America’s horrific treatment of African Americans under the rug in order to achieve “peace.” It’s hard to sweep dirt under the rug while we continue to manifest more of it.

“In order to heal the deep wounds of our present, we must face the truth of our past.” If we white Americans want to empathize, to explore the impact that monuments and names have on people of color, we need to educate ourselves by learning our history instead of “looking ahead.” I found the PBS documentary “Reconstruction: America After the Civil War” by Henry Louis Gates Jr. eye-opening. May we all learn how to stop manufacturing dirt that future generations feel the need to sweep under the rug.

Patricia Goodrich


Except ...

The writer of the April 19 letter “God’s self-disclosure” claims, “The Bible is God’s self-disclosure to us and is without error. It does not address abortion because it declares human life to be in the image of God.”

It does address murder, though, doesn’t it? Why bother, if it already declares human life to be in the image of God?

He writes that “Most horrific scenes in the Bible are truthful descriptions of events, not showing what is approved.” But the Old Testament is a litany of incidents in which God specifically sends “his people” out to destroy nations and steal their land. Of course he approved — he commanded the slaughter.

I’m sure that genocide and theft of land can be justified by Christians. Any sin can be, except abortion.

Beverly M. Burton


So low

On Friday, Good Friday, President Trump retweeted a tweet that used a crude term for group masturbation.

I’m no prude, but this is absolutely outrageous. Are there no standards at all for this president? What’s he going to say next?

Every time I think Trump has hit rock bottom, he starts shoveling. With Trump, there is no bottom. There is no low to which he will not sink.

I can’t wait to get a new Democratic president, so conservatives can become concerned about presidential moral standards again.

Howard Greene


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