A historic performance

On Aug. 30, Wake Forest University’s Spirit of the Old Gold and Black and Winston-Salem State University’s Red Sea of Sound marching bands united for a historic joint performance at the Wake Forest football home opener.

I want to thank Chancellor Elwood Robinson, band director Michael Magruder and all the members of the Red Sea of Sound for being part of the halftime show and sharing their love of music and community spirit with all of us. Not only was it wonderful music and entertainment for the fans, it was a meaningful expression of friendship between two neighboring universities.

I look forward to more opportunities to join together and support one another throughout the coming year. Thank you for making the start of this new academic year one to remember.

Nathan O. Hatch


Hatch is the president of Wake Forest University. — the editor

Hold Krawiec accountable

I could not stop laughing after reading the Aug. 29 letter “Women’s empowerment” from state Sen. Joyce Krawiec. The irony of this letter cannot be overlooked, because of the same-day article, “Triad jobless rate stills at 6-month high.” Krawiec should perhaps focus on getting unemployment down in her own county and spend less time making up fallacies.

Also in the letter, it was unclear to me what promises President Trump has made and which ones he has kept. Is it the wall that was to be built on our southern border that was to be paid for by Mexico? Or perhaps it was the repeal and replacement of Obamacare? No new wall has been built, and certainly Mexico is not paying for any of the wall, and Obamacare is still present and thriving. A monkey could run the country better and certainly espouse better economic policies than the president’s.

Also, does anyone have any faith that President Trump, National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow and trade advisor Peter Navarro are ready to deal with the upcoming recession? I don’t. I am only hoping that the recession waits until right before the election of 2020 so that the adults can be put in place to deal with it. In the meantime, we need to hold accountable N.C. senators like Krawiec, who appears to be delusional. If she cannot tell the truth (like our president), she needs to be voted out of the N.C. Senate.

Thomas Schroeder


People care deeply

Does anyone else find the oft-repeated phrase “people vote their pocketbooks” offensive? “People” actually seem to care deeply about gun violence, immigration, endangered species and the planet. Of course, not caring will lead to a constant drain from the pocketbooks of our grandchildren and their grandchildren as the planet and its inhabitants will be facing an increasingly uninhabitable Earth. So, please, whoever the “pocketbook people” are, invest in the solvency of your offspring’s pocketbooks.

Ponder: We on our planet now burn 80% more coal than we did in 2000, even though solar-energy costs have fallen 80% in that period. So please, invest in the effort to fight for an efficient, effective, equitable and urgently needed carbon tax. Let’s ask our representatives in Washington, especially Sen. Thom Tillis, to push for the bipartisan Energy Innovation & Carbon Dividend Act (HR763). Ask Google for the full text, and get in the fight!

Wendy Glen



Causes of mass shootings:

  • video games
  • mental illness
  • Darwin
  • not enough Jesus

Not causes:

  • AR-15s available everywhere

The GOP assumes Americans are idiots.

Gerald Bean


Imperfect people

Sometimes God uses imperfect people, with all their flaws, to accomplish good things.

Oh, no, I’m not talking about President Trump; I’m talking about former FBI director James Comey.

So he leaked some sensitive (but not classified) information. Bad boy. But as a result, we got the special counsel investigation of President Trump, which revealed just how unethical and unfit for office Trump is.

The Mueller report cited 10 incidents in which Trump may have obstructed justice. Former federal prosecutors have said that if Trump weren’t president, he would already have been charged.

Comey seems wishy-washy at best. I freely admit that I admire some of his actions and shake my head at others. But if it weren’t for him, we’d still be in the dark about Trump.

America will not be a great country unless it confronts Trump.

Hank Boles


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