Troubles brewing

Super Tuesday has passed and because of “quid pro quo,” we likely just had two viable candidates bow out of the Democratic race and throw their support to Joe Biden: Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Sen. Amy Klobuchar. They are out to put the screws to poor Sen. Bernie Sanders worse than Democratic National Committee chair Donna Brazile did in 2016 when she gave Hillary Clinton the debate questions beforehand. All because Sanders is a devout socialist who loves Fidel Castro and Cuba and honeymooned in Russia.

More troubles are brewing as Biden can’t remember whether he is campaigning in Idaho or Iowa or running for the Senate or president. Sen. Elizabeth Warren has several times told the story of being fired by a school district in New Jersey for being pregnant when in fact this is not true. And everybody knows the untrue story of her Native American roots that were totally unfounded.

Karma has gotten leftist blowhard Chris Matthews, who made fun of Bill O’Reilly and many other conservative media types. What goes around comes around. Speaking of coming around, a federal judge has finally ordered Hillary Clinton to sit for a deposition about her 30,000 missing emails. She may get amnesia but she can’t plead the Fifth!

How about the great job President Trump has done with the coronavirus by closing our borders to flights many weeks ago? The Democrats faulted him for that, but it saved us many thousands of people getting it early.

John Nelms



Terrific. Our president, whose lips cannot move without telling a lie and who cannot tolerate any of his underlings saying anything that could be interpreted by anyone as reflecting badly on the Trump administration, has designated his No. 1 boot-licker, Vice President Mike Pence (who, as governor of Indiana, sat idly and watched Scott County generate more new HIV cases in one year than were reported in New York City for the same year), to be the sole information source for the evolving Covid-19 crisis.

One would think it would be logical to have someone with some science or medical background fill this role.

I am worried.

Dr. James McGrath



Donald Trump Jr. and acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney last week suggested that the media and Democrats were using coronavirus to hurt President Trump.

I can understand Trump Jr. defending his dad, and Mulvaney knows that his employment depends on keeping Trump happy, but come on — Democrats are trying to hurt him? By stating facts? If that’s all it takes …

Trump said the stock market was doing great — right after it took a 1,000-point plunge.

Trump said the risk of coronavirus was very low — right after the World Health Organization said the risk was “very high.”

In his press meeting last week, when he should have been reassuring the public and stating the facts, Trump went off on the Democrats — who hadn’t done anything.

He blamed the Monday and Tuesday stock market slide on the Tuesday night Democratic debate. But he blames the Democrats for everything.

I’m surprised he hasn’t said all the misspellings in his tweets are their fault.

I used to think that Trump was a liar. Now I’m starting to consider whether he’s actually deluded.

One thing is for sure: He’s going to be absolutely no help during this crisis.

Barney Harper


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