N.C.’s best teachers

No matter who they are voting for, I ask that your readers vote for the ¼ cent sales tax referendum at the very end of the March 3 ballot. It is long overdue that Winston-Salem/Forsyth County make an investment in public education to attract North Carolina’s best teachers to our district.

Right now, Forsyth County has the lowest teacher supplement of the urban counties in the state and over 30 positions remained unfilled because high quality teachers are taking jobs in other districts. In order to give our county’s children the public education they deserve, we have to make Forsyth a more attractive district for teachers.

For those who are skeptical, this would not raise any taxes on groceries, gas, prescription medications, vehicle or home sales or rent payments. Also, if this passes, the Forsyth County commissioners have committed to lowering the property tax by one percent. See ForForsythTeachers.com for more information.

Let’s make an investment to bring the best teachers so our students have the best education. Vote for the ¼ cent sales tax referendum on March 3!

Adam Bryson Moore



Let me ask some questions. What should voters do if…

  • a candidate was seen or heard making fun of a handicapped person?
  • a candidate was heard making disparaging remarks about a person or persons?
  • a candidate was caught telling a lie?

a candidate was heard using language in public that is constantly being bleeped from the media?

If voters, as children, weren’t allowed to get away with any of these things, why are they willing to allow our elected officials to get away with them? Shouldn’t elected leaders be held to a higher standard?

Just think about it.

Betty Bewley


A fresh start

It may be cliché, as she admits, but it’s time for a fresh start. Mackenzie Cates-Allen is a breath of fresh air for our city; one we desperately need.

I recently saw a letter that said, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” (“Proud to live here,” Feb. 17.) And another lukewarm “endorsement” from a local person who didn’t bother to reach out to other candidates for the City Council’s South Ward.

As Mackenzie says, we can do better.

There is no question that John Larson is an extremely nice man. But we don’t need an old-school pace or way of doing things anymore. Mackenzie won’t just represent Old Salem or Konnoak Drive, but the whole of the South Ward.

She has plans for education, for feeding our people and allocating our resources more effectively. Moreover she’ll actually communicate to anyone and everyone who’s interested about what’s going on.

She also has a passion for bringing all in Winston-Salem to its full potential. She represents the positive energy we need to move forward.

You won’t see her on a huge billboard or too many yard signs because she doesn’t come from money or have big, fancy, rich donors. She’s among us regular people, working and listening.

She, George Redd (East Ward), Scott Andree Bowen (Southwest Ward) and Chris Smith (District B) are the change we need in Winston-Salem and Forsyth County. I urge everyone to vote for Mackenzie and the others this primary.

Amy T. Smith


The largest coalition

History favors a presidential victory with a candidate like South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg. Over the past 50 years, every time the Democrats have won the presidency, it has been with a candidate who was an outsider to Washington, new on the scene, younger and with a fresh vision for what this country can be. That’s Pete Buttigieg.

Pete offers a different approach to politics — in policies, such as The Douglass Plan, the most comprehensive plan for reversing systemic racism of any candidate running. Also in the way he is reaching out to all voters of the political spectrum to welcome them to our movement, including those who might typically vote conservative but are disenchanted with their options.

I met one of those folks recently. He reached out to me wanting a Pete yard sign. When he showed up to get it, he told me that he was a Republican who had voted for President Trump and regretted it. He believed Pete was the candidate who could unite the largest coalition of voters that would allow Democrats to win this fall, particularly in battleground states where we will need votes from across the spectrum. And he planned to tell this to everyone he knew.

Having gone to Iowa and South Carolina for Pete’s campaign, I’ve seen firsthand Pete’s support from conservatives, moderates and progressives. Let’s be on the right side of history and elect Pete Buttigieg, who would be the most progressive president we’ve ever had in this country.

Angela Levine


Election letter deadline

The deadline for letters about the March 3 primary election was Monday.

Please submit letters online, with full name, address and telephone number, to Letters@wsjournal.com or mail letters to: The Readers’ Forum, 418 N. Marshall St., Winston-Salem, NC 27101. Letters are subject to editing and are limited to 250 words. For more guidelines and advice on writing letters, go to journalnow.com/site/forms/online_services/letter/

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