The dilemma

The Democrats have really put themselves into a dilemma now. They have the aging Sen. Bernie Sanders, an avowed Democratic Socialist, leading the pack. Even the most enthusiastic party hierarchy doesn’t think he has a chance.

Then there is Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who has a penchant for kissing his husband in public. I don’t personally care what he does, but most analysts don’t believe middle America is quite ready for that. Maybe in 10 years, but not now.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is fading fast and former Vice President Joe Biden is on life support. So that leaves the free-spending and late-comer Mike Bloomberg. He is most likely the only one of the aforementioned candidates who has a chance of competing with President Trump.

But whoops! He is everything that the current Democrats hate. He is white. He is rich. He is male. He is heterosexual.

What to do? What to do? Turn their backs on all the minorities and fringe groups that they covet and have a chance of winning back the White House or stick with the status quo and live with another four years of Trump? Should be interesting.

Jeff Matthews


It’s not selfishness

I’m a Democrat and I’ve never been interested in getting “free stuff” from the government. The notion that such a thing would motivate me more than the competence and ability of a candidate when I vote is offensive.

I do, however, want Americans other than me to have health care and I don’t mind paying a little extra for it. If all of us paid just a little extra, needy children and poor people could have health care to keep them alive.

Some people would call that “pro-life.”

I also don’t mind paying for others to have a decent education because that makes life better for everyone. As the cliche goes, who wants to live around a bunch of stupid people?

I also want to receive the benefits for which I’ve been paying my whole life. They’re not “entitlements” — I’ve earned them.

I believe in paying taxes for the nation’s common good. As Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. said, “I like to pay taxes. With them, I buy civilization.”

When conservatives talk about “socialism,” they don’t seem to know what it means. Right-wing media tell them it’s about selfishness when for most of us, it’s actually about helping other people.

Siri Bruccillieri


Compare and contrast

Class, this is your compare and contrast practice essay for today, as we prepare for the SAT exam.

President William Jefferson Clinton, a womanizer, awarded Rosa Parks the Medal of Freedom in an Oval Office ceremony.

President Donald John Trump, a womanizer, awarded Rush Limbaugh the Medal of Freedom during a State of the Union address.

Which decision will go down in history as befitting our nation and our national heritage more? You have until the end of your life to complete this assignment.

Warren C. Webster


A ‘style’ question

A style question for the editors of the Journal: Since he refers to Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman as “Lt. Col.” Vindman, and the Department of Justice as the “Justice” Department, is it OK for us to write to you about “President” Trump? I’ve always felt that was a more accurate way to portray him and he doesn’t seem to have any problem with such expressions.

James T. Fuller


Election letter deadline

Letters about the March 3 primary election must be received no later than 9 a.m. Monday, Feb. 24, to be considered for publication.

Please submit letters online, with full name, address and telephone number, to or mail letters to: The Readers’ Forum, 418 N. Marshall St., Winston-Salem, NC 27101. Letters are subject to editing and are limited to 250 words. For more guidelines and advice on writing letters, go to

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