Salem will overcome this

As a Salem College faculty member for 56 years, I must say that your front-page coverage of my institution’s recent financial difficulties was offensive, unfair, negative and completely lacking in context. The efforts of President Sandra Doran to confront a difficult crisis, common to most small liberal arts colleges, both co-ed and single-sex, throughout the nation, was ignored completely. This very heart of American higher education is enduring a difficult passage and it doesn’t help to have “yellow journalism” piling on with sensational headlines.

In the Spring of 1865 Salem College students faced defiantly the cavalry of the U.S. Army in Salem Square during the death throes of the Confederacy. Surely we will be able to endure and overcome this blip, although serious, in our storied history of offering the higher learning to young women from around the nation and the world. Salem is the oldest part of Winston-Salem and I am confident that the community at large as well as our alums and well-wishers everywhere will rally to our cause.

Errol MacGregor Clauss


The writer is a professor of history emeritus at Salem College — the editor.

What’s is a name?

Reading all the “outrage” expressed by some about plans to possibly change the name of the Dixie Classic Fair amuses me. Where was the outrage and letters over the years, as many of the area’s beloved arenas and stadiums ditched their long-known names to slap corporate monikers on them? I’m thinking it’s not all about preserving history and heritage as these folks claim. Hmmm, curious indeed.

Joel Brown

Walnut Cove

Is my name at risk?

The statue. Dixie. What’s next?

Close R.J. Reynolds because tobacco was harvested by slaves?

Close Hanes Mills because cotton was harvested by slaves?

Will I have to change my last name because it relates to the South?

Phillip Southern



As President Trump whines about the U.S. House of Representatives — a co-equal branch of government — calling on Attorney General William Barr and former White House counsel Don McGahn to testify before them and fights to prevent it, I’d like to remind your readers that Christine Blasey Ford subjected herself to Lindsey Graham’s histrionics and answered questions from a lawyer handpicked to keep the GOP from getting its hands dirty.

Not only that, but Hillary Clinton allowed herself to be questioned for 11 hours by a hostile Select Committee on Benghazi.

What a bunch of cowards these Republicans are.

Trump is afraid to let his sycophants be questioned. After all his claims of “total exoneration,” he still knows that he could be proved guilty of something.

Mary Linda Knox


Second Amendment idolaters

The shooting deaths in Charlotte are tragic. They’re obscene. This is what comes of blind support for the Second Amendment — except for the “well-regulated” part.

The tragedy is sure to be deepened by Second Amendment idolaters trying to justify the proliferation of guns in civilian hands.

I am inspired to debunk one of the most odorous talking points of the gun-worshippers: that the Second Amendment exists so that they can, if need be, take up arms against their own government. That’s the dumbest idea I’ve ever heard.

First of all, no amount of arms in civilian control can defeat our federal and state law-enforcement officials. Can’t be done. The notion is sheer teenage-boy fantasy.

Secondly, imagine our forefathers, hashing out the contents of the Constitution. One of them says, “Of course, we should include a provision so that if people don’t like this government we’re working so hard to establish, they can just get their guns and remove us from office and put people they want in charge.” That’s laughable. That’s what voting is for.

Thirdly, as much as Second Amendment worshipers hated President Obama, if they didn’t take up arms against his administration; they never will.

If you want to find the dumbest and deadliest ideas in America today, look for the Second Amendment idolaters who love nothing more than imagining Jesus holding an AR-15. They don’t care about the deaths of our children — they want their guns and their gun fantasies.

Perry Mitchell


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