A workplace problem

Maybe your readers can help me with a workplace problem. A company I co-own has an employee whose behavior has put us in a pickle.

This employee is up for a big promotion next year. He reached out to one of our company’s clients to say that a sale we’d already agreed on would be held up unless the client helped him sabotage his competitor for the job. He doesn’t deny it, but points out that the sale went through anyway. Now it’s up to the owners to decide what to do.

What concerns us is that this seems like a misappropriation of corporate resources for his personal gain. We’ve worked for years to cultivate a reputation for honesty and corporate ethics, so this also reflects badly on the whole company.

So we could terminate the employee. We could prosecute. Or we could settle for a reprimand and then consider whether or not to renew his contract next year.

What do you think, my fellow owners?

Pranab Das


N.C. Clean Energy Plan

Climate change is an increasing threat to the health, safety and prosperity of North Carolinians. Last year, Gov. Roy Cooper signed an executive order calling for a significant reduction in statewide greenhouse gas emissions. In response, the NC Clean Energy Plan was crafted and presented to the governor.

Plan details are available on the Department of Environmental Quality website:

Goals of the plan include:

  • Reduce electric power sector greenhouse gas emissions by 70% below 2005 levels by 2030 and attain carbon neutrality by 2050.
  • Foster long-term energy affordability and price stability.

Accelerate clean energy innovation, development and deployment to create economic opportunities for both rural and urban areas of the state

  • .

Unfortunately, President Trump does not accept the overwhelming evidence of climate change. Or does his party tell him to reject it? A Nov. 7 opinion column by Katrina Vanden Heuvel (“Trump’s dangerous climate change denial”) states that “Voters will choose between a president and Republican Party proud of systematic resistance to any action on climate and a challenger and Democratic Party dedicated to historic efforts to eliminate the already costly threat to life as we know it.”

Steps to conserve energy now will reduce air and water pollution as well as reduce our global warming footprint. We owe it to those who are already suffering from the effects of climate change. And to our children and grandchildren who will live in the savage years to come.

Charles E. Wilson


A reason to impeach

Why was the military aid to Ukraine held up? This was aid that was approved by both houses of Congress and signed off on by the president. Presumably this aid was needed for our national security interests.

Why did the White House not deliver in June as scheduled? The White House has said aid was held up because of corruption or because other countries should also give aid. The aid was sent in September and other countries did not increase aid to Ukraine over the summer and the level of corruption was not changed. The only thing that changed is that it became public that President Trump had asked the president of Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden as “a favor” with the implication that aid would then come.

It threatens our democracy to ask foreign government officials to be involved in any way in our electoral process, but this is worse. This is risking our national security to bribe foreign officials to investigate a possible opponent in an election.

If President Trump used his own money for bribery, that would be bad enough; this is using our tax money and national security for bribery to influence a future election. Bribery is listed in the Constitution (Article II, Section 4) as a reason to impeach the president. The fact that the attempt became public and was therefore unsuccessful is not a defense for attempting to use our tax money and national security for bribery to influence an American election.

Dee Edelman


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