Quarry Park and other city and county parks will be open today.

A version of this editorial was first published last year. — the editor

Bakers. Cooks. Waitstaff. Bartenders. Dishwashers.

On today’s Labor Day, we hope everyone, even those who wind up having to put in a few hours, will have an opportunity to relax and celebrate the hard work and creativity of the people who have contributed to making this country great. That’s what it’s all about. We don’t, today, celebrate some exceptional hero or historic event, but the American people, each of us who gets up in the morning or in the middle of the night to support their families and their dreams — the industrious labor force that built this exceptional nation, that turned it into a powerhouse of wealth and freedom that draws others from around the world.

Artists. Writers. Plumbers. Carpenters. Welders. Luthiers. Electricians.

But let’s do take at least a moment today to celebrate one segment of the American people in particular, those day-to-day heroes who step in to help when strife or disaster strike: Emergency workers. Law-enforcement officers. Firefighters. Military personnel. Even if they get a break today, they’ll be on alert in case they’re needed.

Computer programmers. Scientists. Researchers. Architects. Doctors. Nurses. Midwives. Medical technicians. Contractors. Custodians. Administrative assistants.

Today is also a reminder of the changing of the seasons, the de facto, symbolic end of the summer and an opportunity to clear the closet and prepare for cooler days. The long weekend might provide one more opportunity for some outdoor recreation in warm weather. State and city parks will be open.

Farmers. Delivery-truck drivers. Cashiers. Teachers. Teacher assistants. Librarians. Clerks. Mechanics. Engineers. Social workers. Ministers. Physical therapists. Lawyers. Paralegals. Animal shelter attendants. Accountants. Salespeople. Loan officers. Banking executives. Bus drivers. Maids. Tour guides.

Also take a moment to consider those who work hard but still struggle to make ends meet. Even in this land of promise, too many workers who put in their 40 hours and more wind up having to rely on government assistance to feed their families and pay the rent. They include people who work for some of the wealthiest companies in the world and people who serve in the military. On this day of rest and relaxation, while indulging in a beer and a burger, take a moment to think about them. The blessings of this nation should be shared by all.

Postal workers. Park rangers. Prison guards. Veterans Affairs staffers. Public relations officers. Bookstore managers. Symphony conductors. Domestic housekeepers. Hairdressers. Newspaper reporters and editors.

Though we rest today, we go back to work tomorrow.

Happy Labor Day.

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