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WSSU will head to Chapel Hill for a men's basketball exhibition game on Nov. 1

Once the giddiness subsided from the news that Winston-Salem State’s men’s basketball team will play at North Carolina on Nov. 1 in an exhibition game, the realization hit about when the game will be played.

Nov. 1 just happens to be homecoming weekend for the football team, and that Friday night there are plenty of parties already planned.

On Nov. 2, the Rams will play Shaw in football, and homecoming weekend is the biggest weekend of the year on campus.

Folks who want to attend the homecoming parties or the exhibition game on Friday will have to make a choice. There'll be plenty of tickets available for the basketball game at the Dean Dome, which holds 21,750.

WSSU didn’t have much of a choice in scheduling this basketball game. After all, UNC would have moved on to another school if WSSU said no. But $25,000 and the exposure Coach Cleo Hill Jr. and the Rams will receive far outweigh the parties that will be missed in Winston-Salem on that Friday night.

Hill's wife, Regina, works at North Carolina. Hill admits she will be torn as to who to cheer for during the game.

“She’ll be pacing a little bit, I’m sure,” Hill said with a laugh. “It should be a great night and a lot of fun.”

WSSU played at the Dean Dome in an exhibition game during the 2004-05 season.

That same season, Roy Williams and the Tar Heels won the national championship. I’m sure Coach Williams will like to be reminded of that as the Tar Heels play the Rams again this coming season.

WSSU will take on North Carolina in a men's basketball exhibition game on Nov. 1 in Chapel Hill

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