The city of Winston-Salem will resume yard waste collections on May 4, the city said Tuesday in a news release. Collections will be made Mondays through Thursdays on the city's regular collection schedule at homes that have yard carts with current collection stickers.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, Winston-Salem suspended collection of yard waste, brush and bulky items in early April, saying the city wanted to ensure a sufficient number of employees would be available for garbage collection.

The city took the step in case a significant number of sanitation employees were unable to work due to COVID-19. That has not happened.

"We have been fortunate to only experience minimal staffing disruptions and will be able to move the yard waste personnel back to their normal responsibilities," City Manager Lee Garrity said.

Garrity didn't say how many employees contracted the virus.

Only yard-waste collection, conducted with automated trucks requiring one driver, is resuming, Garrity said.

"Because brush collection requires three-person crews, it is still suspended,” Garrity said. "Citizens with yard waste carts can place small brush in their carts, and it will be collected."

In addition to small branches and sticks, yard waste allowed in city carts includes grass and shrubbery clippings, leaves and other garden residue, according to the city.

If there is an increase of illness among the garbage crews, the city might again suspend yard waste collections, Garrity said.



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