A video shows a group of white students at South Davidson High School in Denton recently standing around a blue painted rock with a racist message targeted at black people, according to a FOX8/WGHP, the news-gathering partner of the Winston-Salem Journal.

The television station obtained a copy of the video. The word “Kill” followed by a racial slur for black people is painted in white letters, FOX8 reported.

Tabitha Broadway, a spokeswoman for the Davidson County Schools, submitted a statement Wednesday about the incident to the Journal.

“During an impromptu gathering on the school campus of students without the principal’s knowledge or consent, a student painted an abhorrent phrase on the school’s ‘spirit rock,’” the statement said. “This act is appalling and unacceptable, and is not reflective of the respectful and inclusive environment we strive to have.

“It is extremely disappointing that the actions of an isolated student casts such a negative image over an entire school community, and it would be unfair to assume this incident is reflective of the student body as a whole,” the statement said.

School officials declined to discuss whether the students who gathered at the rock will face any disciplinary action.

“However, our school board policies do allow principals to administer short and/or long term suspensions of students when necessary to maintain order and safety in our schools, and our leadership is supportive of appropriate consequences for serious violations of school policies,” the statement said.

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