Officials in Surry County have declined to repeat what the student said but Surry County Schools said in a statement that it was an “inappropriate joke” about President Donald Trump. After the comment was made, a few parents called the Surry County Sheriff’s Office, Capt. Scott Hudson said last week.

The sheriff’s office then began an investigation. Hudson has not returned a call requesting an update on the investigation.

According to the school system, the improv performance was stopped by a faculty member after the joke was made.

Ryan Van Deusen, a resident agent with the Secret Service Field Office in Greensboro, said his office was made aware of the comments. He declined to say how the Secret Service learned of the comments or relay the nature of the joke.

“The Secret Service does not confirm or comment on the absence or existence of specific investigations,” Van Deusen said.

He added that the Secret Service investigates all threats against Trump.

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