The Winston-Salem/Forsyth County school board voted Tuesday to forgive one of the makeup days for the December snowstorm. However, March 29, and June 7, 10 and 11 will be used to make up four of the days missed because of the storm.

On another matter, the school board will move forward with the North Carolina School Board association to conduct the search for the next superintendent.

Schools were closed the week of Dec. 10-14 after a large amount of snow fell across the area.

Even with the forgiveness of one of those days, the district will still meet its minimum number of instruction hours for a school year, said Alex Hoskins, chief of staff for the district.

March 29 was designated on the district calendar as a teacher’s professional day, as well as June 7, 10 and 11.

Exams and state testing will extend to match those added days in June. Graduating seniors will take all exams prior to graduation weekend, which begins the evening of Friday, June 7.

The board already forgave two makeup days earlier this year. Schools were closed Sept. 13 and 14 due to Hurricane Florence.

And a makeup day of Jan. 22 was added for missing Oct. 12 due to Hurricane Michael.

The school board voted 6-1 to go with NCSBA for the superintendent search, with Chairwoman Malishai Woodbury being the only vote against.

The item was added to the agenda during the meeting.

Board members Dana Jones and Andrea Bramer were not present at Tuesday’s meeting.

NCSBA pitched their search services to the school board March 6 in a special-called meeting.

Woodbury said she wanted the board to hear from more search firms before making a decision.

“I just wanted to go on record to say that I think overall we’re moving in the right direction, but I still question whether you’re able to make a good decision with just really one choice by way of presentation,” she said.

It will be an estimated $20,000 to $25,000 to have NCSBA conduct the search, Dionne Jenkins, attorney for the school district, said during the meeting. Other out-of-state executive search firms, based on research and interviews Jenkins conducted with those firms and other districts that have used those services, could be double or triple the cost of NCSBA.

Jenkins said a contract with NCSBA will be provided for action from the board at a future date.

Motsinger is the only board member who has been through a superintendent search. She was on the board when it hired Beverly Emory, with the help of NCSBA.

Before the vote was taken, Motsinger lauded the work of NCSBA and her earlier experience with them.

“I think overall we could not do better,” she said. “The money is certainly better, but I think the service is excellent and would serve our district well.”

Some members of the audience expressed concern that they did not have a chance to comment on this newly added item during the public-comment portion of the meeting.

Tuesday was also the first school board meeting for Kenneth Simington in his new role as interim superintendent. He shared a few brief remarks, in which he called teachers “the heart and soul” of the work being done in the district.

“In the interim, I’m looking forward to the opportunity to lead and to serve, and I look forward to working with the board in particular, my colleagues in general and the community,” he said.

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