Construction on the Central Library in downtown Winston-Salem is on track for completion by mid-summer.

Workers are putting in ceiling tiles on the upper levels and continuing to hang drywall on the lower levels, said Josh Pack, construction superintendent.

In the meantime, county staff members are working on getting library materials back to their new home.

William B. Meyer, a Connecticut moving company that specializes in library relocation services, moved library materials for $138,375. Staff is recommending that the county use the same company to move the materials back to Central at a cost of $108,640.

The Central Library closed to the public in October 2014, and crews began moving furniture and removing hazardous materials in preparation for demolition, while Ratio Architects and Steele Group Architects finalized the design.

From the entrance, the children’s section — with book stacks, computers and its own assembly room — will be to the left on the first floor. Computer labs and additional workrooms are near the back and a café is to the right.

The teen section is on the second floor and will have interactive technology such as a green screen for filming videos and a gaming area. One of the centerpieces of the building, the North Carolina Room, also will be on the second floor. The popular local history and research room will now take up half of the second floor with art gallery space outside. The North Carolina Room will have special climate controls to protect sensitive documents.

The third floor will house the library’s general collection and its prime reading spaces. The Forsyth Reading Room will have fireplaces while a covered terrace will allow people to sit outside and enjoy views of Pilot Mountain and other areas to the north.

The third-floor patio was named for the Winston-Salem Rotary Club after the club pledged $100,000 toward the library’s renovations.

County commissioners have approved Onepath Systems to outfit the new library with its audio and visual needs for $548,161.46.

Parking will still be available under the back of the building and along the streets. (336) 727-7203 @JordanMHowseWSJ

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