RALEIGH Reports Sunday that a passenger “passed gas” and forced a plane to be evacuated at Raleigh-Durham International Airport are untrue, according to American Airlines.

What is true is that American flight 1927 from Charlotte to RDU arrived at the gate 2:21 p.m. Sunday, according to airline spokeswoman Lakesha Brown. There was an odor in the cabin that bothered some on board, but it was caused by a mechanical issue, not a passenger with a stomach issue, Brown said.

WNCN reported Sunday evening, “A person who ‘passed gas’ on an American Airlines plane on Sunday afternoon forced all passengers off the jet, officials said.”

The story spread quickly around the web and, as of Monday morning, was making headlines around the globe.

Brown said the plane has been taken out of service for repairs and that passengers were never in danger.

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